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Things You didn't Know About the Sea Star

Whether because of their beauty and colors or how difficult they are to find, starfish arouse the curiosity of a lot of people. We usually think that since Starfish does not have feet, they can't move. But the truth is that these unique creatures can move and do extraordinary things.

Keep reading to learn more about them! Here are some of the things that you probably don't know about Starfish.

1. They can have more than 5 arms

One of the most remarkable curiosities of these fascinating animals is that they can have up to 22 arms! Yes, exactly as you read. But that's not all! They also can regenerate one or more arms whenever they lose them. Can you imagine it? It sounds impossible and amazing at the same time.

2. Their physical appearance changes

There are many types of starfish and more than 2000 different species. They can be green, pink, yellow, red, orange, purple, blue, or multicolored! There are a variety of textures as well. The majority of them look prickly, but there are other species that have a smooth texture. Did you know that some of them can even glow in the dark?

3. They are independent mothers

Unlike other animals, these creatures are not attached to their kids. In fact, the only thing they care about is scattering their eggs in the sea and then leaving. Its children can be transported by ocean currents and it also serves as food for many fish and marine animals.

4. Even though you can't see them, they have eyes!

Starfishes not only have eyes, but they also have one eye on each arm. Although their eyes are not very perceptive, they allow them to move around in their natural habitat. Having different eyes gives them a different perspective, and they can also see in the night with their dark vision.

5. Sex is mutable

Starfish can be hermaphrodites, females, or males. Many times they are born of one sex, and as they age, they convert to the opposite sex. To reproduce, they need to be stimulated by the opposite sex. They come together in groups of females and males to release their eggs and sperm into the sea, which makes the chances of fertilization high.

6. They can feed on individuals that are larger than themselves

Do not think that their size limits them when choosing the size of their prey. Starfish can stick their stomach out of their body and feed on individuals larger than themselves. In turn, they can also eat other starfish, although it is not their favorite dish, nor what they most enjoy eating.

7. They are sensitive and help the ecosystems

Starfish are very vulnerable to light, temperature, state of the water, touch, and orientation. They can also absorb carbon and thus help the marine ecosystem. Contaminated water can quickly damage them since their respiratory system is based on the exchange of gasses with the environment that surrounds them.

8. Don't take them out of the water!

As I mentioned before, their respiratory system is delicate because of their vascular aquifer. If a starfish is pulled from the ocean, its gas exchange is disrupted, and it can die within seconds. We know how beautiful they look, but please remember not to take them out of the sea!

9. Their survival techniques are unique

Soft colors let them camouflage, while bright colors are good to scare off predators. If trapped, starfish can detach from their arms and move around. Are you wondering what happens with the arm after they lose it? Well, in case the lost arm has at least a fifth of the central disc, they can regenerate themselves through asexual reproduction.

10. Diverse life expectancy

The larger starfish tend to live longer than the smaller ones. Some of them can live 10 years and reach sexual maturity in 2. Others can reach 34 years old and develop their sexual maturity later than 2 years old.

Do you know of other extraordinary features this wonderful creature have? Let us know in the comments below ⬇️



Paula S.

Wow, that was really interesting! I had no idea about most of that. Great read!

Dale Schrieber

great article

Janis C

Thanks for the interesting facts. Sea Stars are so cool! Love them!

John Crowe-Lockerman

I enjoyed this fascinating, as well as educational article.

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