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Gift Ideas: Top 10 Pendants

Are you looking for the perfect gift and don’t know where to start? Or just shopping for your next favorite pendant? Check out our top 10 favorite picks!

First up, is the Opalite Ocean Wave Pendant. If you need a gift for someone who loves the ocean, capture their heart with this uniquely made piece. Not only is it one of our award winning designs, but it has a special place in our hearts as well. The opalite gemstone may be eye-catching but is also a sustainable option that you can be proud to wear!

Larimar Ocean Wave Pendant

Next up on the list is the Pavé Whale Tail Pendant. Anyone that comes to Hawaii in the winter months that is lucky enough to have seen a whale knows just how magical and majestic they are. Remember the whales' remarkable presence by getting this pendant for yourself or a friend.

Pave Whale Tail Pendant

Another pendant that made our list is the Manaiakalani Fish Hook Pendant. This fish hook symbolizes the respect and importance of the ocean. It protects the wearer on their journeys through life by providing a reminder to be strong and fearless in all pursuits.

Fish Hook Pendant

One of our favorite pendants that represent spiritual faith is our Koa Wood Engraved Cross Pendant. Hawaii’s own Koa Wood is a special gift to take home with you. This pendant is a great gift to reflect one’s own sacred spiritual beliefs.

Koa Wood Cross Pendant

If you’re looking to gift someone you love, this Akoya Pearl Surf Shell Pendant is at the top of our list. Pearls represent true love and are a gorgeous pairing with this oyster shell design.

Akoya Pearl Surf Shell Pendant

Our Larimar Sunflower pendant is the best gift to give someone who lights up your life. Larimar gemstone adds a sense of peace and tranquility to this shining design. Brighten up someone’s day with this unique pendant.

Larimar Sunflower Pendant

The Naupaka Flower Pendant was inspired by the ancient Hawaiian story of two lovers torn apart. When two halves come together, one perfect flower is formed. Gift this pendant to the person who is your other half.

Naupaka Flower Pendant

Another favorite is our Larimar Ohana Honu Pendant. This sea turtle design represents the love of the ohana, or family, and recognizes the importance of these sea life creatures in Hawaii.

Larimar Ohana Sea Turtle Pendant

Our Bird of Paradise Pendant represents everlasting beauty. Known around the world as a symbol of paradise, it is a great gift for someone who loves Hawaii or any tropical destination. Wear this ultimate emblem of freedom and joy on your next tropical vacation or to remind you that paradise isn’t so far away.

Bird of Paradise Pendant

Last up but never least, is the Atlantic Sand Dollar Pendant. This is a fan favorite for its classic, elegant design and reputation for bringing good luck! This one comes in three color options: classic yellow, white, and rose gold, so you can pick the sand dollar that speaks to you!

Those but only some of our top picks! Honestly, we could talk about our jewelry all day and night! Need more information? Feel free to contact us!



Laurel Whitney

I love your jewelry. I also appreciate your using real people to model your pieces and learning about their lives.

Kelly M.

I love all of these. My favorite is the Akoya Pearl Surf Shell Pendant, it’s just so cute and charming.

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