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How to Know Your Ring Size

Raise your hand if you have ever wanted to secretly give a ring to someone, but without asking the person in question to avoid spoiling the surprise. You have been there, right? Finding out a person's ring size often seems like an impossible mission and is a usual problem when choosing the perfect size for your special person. But not to worry! We’ll tell you all the secrets to never fail again!

When it comes to knowing which ring is the perfect one, the best idea is to look for another ring. That is, go to a jewelry store and try on a piece of comfortable jewelry that does not squeeze or is loose. If the surprise is for someone else, you should find some time to grab their ring and measure it. Of course: be careful not to be discovered! Nobody wants to ruin the surprise. I know it sounds like a risky mission, but you will feel beyond satisfied when you see the surprised face of the person you want to cherish.

OK. We have the ring ready and the person we want to amaze. But how exactly can we measure this precious piece? The traditional way is by measuring the inside diameter. Island by Koa Nani keeps it simple for you, so take note and read on to find out how to do it!

Have you ever heard about a ring measurement size graph? Yes, it exists, and it is a useful tool that any jeweler has. On this table, you can see the size number that belongs to the measurement of the diameter of the ring. We recommend that you visit your jeweler and place it on the different circumferences until you find the one that fits perfectly. Very simple, right?

If you don't have a jewelry store nearby, another way to find out the size is by measuring the circumference of your ring finger with a tape measure in inches. Island by Koa Nani designed this graph of equivalences between millimeters and ring sizes. Not difficult at all, right? Now you can find the ring size that corresponds to the contour of your finger. For example, if your finger is 14,20 mm, your size is 14!

Don't have a tape measure? No problem! You can use an ordinary ruler! Position the ring on top of the ruler and measure the diameter from side to side. Then with the help of the Island by Koa Nani measurement chart, find out which ring size corresponds to the diameter you measured.

As a last option, you can always visit any jewelry store and ask for the measuring stick. All jewelers use this tool to measure the contour of the finger. From now on, you know how you should go about buying a ring at Island by Koa Nani! It does not matter if it is for you or to surprise someone else, the process is super simple and the same. Thanks to Island by Koa Nani, now you know all the secrets when choosing the perfect ring.

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Linda Osborne

I am looking forward in the future to owning some of these pieces. It is all so pretty.

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