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Design Inspiration Behind the Honu Eternity Pendant

The Honu Eternity Pendant in Island by Koa Nani’s Sea Life collection is a beautiful representation of the meaning of ohana. In Hawaiian culture, “ohana” means family. Made with 14k solid gold, the pendant features our original Honu eternity design paired with a carefully selected high-quality aquamarine gemstone and diamonds.

Hawaii’s “Honu,” or sea turtles, symbolize good fortune, endurance, and long life. In Hawaiian culture, Honu are sacred creatures that are able to navigate difficult waters to find their way home. They may also show up as a person’s guardian spirit, known as “Aumakua.”

Aumakua are deified ancestors, known to unite heaven and earth, while also symbolizing endurance and wisdom. Aumakua may take the form of many things, from turtles and sharks to owls, or octopus, and more. Some families may also have more than one Aumakua.

In this pendant, these themes are brought together in one beautiful design. The circle encompassing the pendant represents “eternity” or “forever.” The larger Honu represents the aumakua, while the smaller Honu represents us, our love, and the future. Wear our Honu pendant for good luck and life longevity!

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Angela Phillips

Love turtles, and this pendant is beautiful!! 💗


this is a very beautiful piece of jewerly , love it.

Janis C

I didn’t know that sea turtles (Honus) symbolize good fortune, endurance, and long life. That’s really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Milly Voskanyan

This pendant is gorgeous!

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