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The Hawaii Blog

Koa Wood: Symbol of Love

For hundreds of years, Koa wood has been treasured and has played an important role in Hawaiian culture and history. The word Koa translates to warrior in Hawaiian, symbolizing strength and...

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Pineapples in Hawaii

Believe it or not, a pineapple is not a pine or an apple, it is a berry. Technically pineapple is a mass of individual berries fused to a central stalk....

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The Best 10
Instagram Captions

We all love taking pictures to create inspirational posts on Instagram! If you are needing some help, keep reading and get creative with the many quotes ideas we prepared for...

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How to Spend a Weekend on Oahu

Visiting Hawaii is an experience that surprises any human because there is probably nowhere in the world that can compete with the Island's beauty. Oahu is undoubtedly a destination that...

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10 Best Things to Do in Waikiki

Waikiki is one of the busiest urban areas in Honolulu and Hawaii. If you want to have fun and enjoy Waikiki's glamorous lifestyle, don't miss out on these 10 activities!

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Things You didn't Know About the Sea Star

Whether because of their beauty and colors or how difficult they are to find, starfish arouse the curiosity of a lot of people. Here are some of the things that you...

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Hawaii's Best Spots for Whale Watching

After traveling 3,500 long miles, Humpback whales arrive in the warm waters of Hawaii during the winter months, more precisely during the last days of November. If you are a big...

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The Ocean as the Life of Hawaii

Hawaiian values ​​are not just stories from the past, but spiritual beliefs that are present among the natives of the island. A well-known legend says that native Hawaiians used a magic...

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A Whale-come Home

Whales are a part of the creation story and other Hawaiian legends. They are even considered aumakua, deified ancestors or family guardians. The magic of life is created here. Read this blog...

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The Sun's Cultural & Spiritual Meaning

The Sun is a magic star that all cultures have worshiped since ancient times.  Without it, plants would not grow, daylight would not exist, and we would live in an...

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What the Stars Mean to Me (and You)

When I was a young child, I would look into the vast, twinkling sky for hours. I saw limitlessness and endless possibilities. How could something so extraordinary, so seemingly impossible...

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Who is Your Ku'uipo?

Inspired by Hawaiian tradition and the ineffable love of a daughter for her mother, Island by Koa Nani’s designs represent the values ​​and emotions that the word “Ku’uipo” carries. Find out...

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