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Pineapples in Hawaii

The pineapple has become an iconic symbol and a fan favorite here in Hawaii due to its unusual shape and sweet flavor. When American missionaries first arrived in Hawaii in the mid-1800s, the pineapple was found growing wild and in gardens and small plots. By the 1930s, Hawaii became the top producer of pineapple and a symbol of the islands.

Dole Cannery

An iconic visitor attraction in Hawaii is the infamous Dole Plantation. It was founded in 1901 by James Dole, a young innovator and entrepreneur who wanted to capitalize on the pineapple industry and produce the highest quality product. With a Harvard degree in business and horticulture he began harvesting premium, top-grade pineapples in Hawaii. Years later, his business is now a household name and is infamous among pineapple lovers.

Established in 1950, Dole Plantation was a small fruit stand in the original Dole pineapple fields. In 1989, it officially opened to the public as Hawaii's Pineapple Express and transformed into a plantation home that now welcomes more than one million visitors annually. Declared the largest Pineapple Garden Maze in the world in 2008, Dole Plantation Pineapple Garden Maze stretches over three acres and 14,000 colorful Hawaiian plants. The pineapple is known as the Halakahiki (foreign fruit) in Hawaiian.

Pineapple Fun Facts

Believe it or not, a pineapple is not a pine or an apple, it is a berry. Technically pineapple is a mass of individual berries fused to a central stalk. Pineapples have a good lifespan and can stay alive to continue producing fruits for up to 50 years. Another fun fact is that there are more than 37 types of pineapples grown around the world, each with its own unique set of characteristics.

Best Places to Find the Freshest Pineapples

Honolulu Pineapple:

If you’re a fan of food trucks then this gem is a must-see. Located in the Diamond head parking lot, this truck serves the freshest pineapple flavored treats like the dole pineapple whip, smoothies, and shaved ice. Check it out after a hike and indulge in the best pineapple on the island.

Honolulu Farmers Market:

Finding an exceptional Farmers market isn't easy, but if I had to choose my favorite one on the island it would have to be the Honolulu Market. This authentic farmers market features an incredible selection of Hawaii grown products including the freshest pineapple, other produce, flowers, plants, value-added products, and ready-to-eat foods. This market is only open on Wednesdays, so set your calendars and check out all the local goodies they offer.

Kohala Grown Market:

Located on the Big Island of Hawaii this market offers local sources, specialty produce, and products. This is the perfect place to get locally grown pineapples and other island goodies. They only source the freshest products and are sure to satisfy your pineapple cravings. It is definitely a must-see for food lovers visiting Hawaii.


Pineapple Pendants we Love:

Opalite Pineapple Pendant: Showcase your love for pineapples in this exceptional piece. With its subtle yet timeless appeal, this pendant features our original Pineapple design, in an eye-catching opalite gemstone.

Mother of Pearl Pineapple Pendant: If you’re looking for a more understated casual piece to wear every day, then this is the perfect piece for you. This pendant features our original Pineapple design paired with our newest and one-of-a-kind Mother of Pearl gemstone.

Larimar Pineapple Pendant: Our Larimar Pineapple pendant is a showstopper that you’ll want to add to your jewelry collection. This 925 sterling silver pendant features our original Pineapple design paired with one hand-selected larimar gemstone.

Koa Wood Pineapple Pendant: Take a piece of the islands with you with this 925 sterling silver pendant featuring our original Pineapple motif with Hawaii's own Koa wood. Each piece vary in color, so no two pieces are the same!

Whether you're visiting a local farmers market or wearing pineapple-themed jewelry, go out there and find a little piece of pineapple joy today.


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