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Koa Wood: Symbol of Love

koa wood bangles and rings set

For hundreds of years, Koa wood has been treasured and has played an important role in Hawaiian culture and history. The word Koa translates to warrior in Hawaiian, symbolizing strength and courage. At one point in time it was reserved only for royals. With its rarity and durability, Koa wood had many uses including outrigger canoes, paddles, tools, furniture, and even Ukuleles. It’s tenacious enough to withstand being out in the rhythmic ocean as a canoe or worn every day in the form of a ring. With such meaningful significance, it is very special to those who wear it.

koa wood heart jewelry set of pendant and earrings

The symbolism of Koa also translates to the symbolism of love, strength, and courage. What is the definition of love? There is no ‘one size fits all’ definition to be honest. But for me, love is a commitment and understanding. Love is energy, bold, fearless, courageous, compelling, and stable. It comes in all different forms and is not always easy. Love should be honored every day, not just on Valentine’s Day. Celebrate the strength of your everlasting love with Hawaiian Koa Wood.

koa wood heliconia earrings and pendant jewelry set

Since the supply of Koa is scarce and illegal to cut down, the wood we use is from fallen branches and trees, making it a sustainable resource. Therefore, no two Hawaiian Koa Wood jewelry pieces are the same since it is made from this unique natural element. Explore our bold Hawaiian Koa Wood jewelry today to find your symbol of love. The spirit of the Hawaiian Koa wood jewelry is the perfect gift for your loved ones, regardless of gender. Our collection offers a variety of feminine and masculine styles for men and women to adore.


Paula S.

Koa wood is beautiful! I love all of the jewelry pieces featured here, especially the heart jewelry! I really want those heart earrings!


wow beautyfull bijoux, or,sterling and rose , je veux gagner😀

Kathy Laen

I love the new design with wood. Never seen anything like that before


Absolutely stunning

Jeri E.

Absolutely beautiful!!

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