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Hawaiian Heirloom - Island by Koa Nani

Hawaiian Heirloom

An eclectic contemporary take on traditional Hawaiian jewelry styles, focusing on the styles once worn as early as the 1800s, we add modern classic touches to make our jewelry easy for everyday wear as well as unique and distinct for special occasions. You will enjoy the hand engraving on each and every piece making our jewelry truly one-of-a-kind. 
Traditional bar shape pendants have been a staple in Hawaiian jewelry for centuries and express your life’s path. Barrel shape represents a place for you to keep your hopes and dreams close to your heart. And our matching Naupaka sets are perfect for couples as a symbol of undying love. 
Celebrate the centuries old tradition of gifting Hawaiian Heirloom jewelry for your loved ones and friends started by Queen Victoria who gifted the Princess Liliuokalani  what was to become the first Hawaiian bracelet. 


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