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10 Best Things to Do in Waikiki

Waikiki is one of the busiest urban areas in Honolulu and Hawaii. Day and night thousands of tourists walk its streets and enjoy its beaches in the resorts that are facing the sea. Undoubtedly, this area takes all the attention as it is a center of entertainment, recreation, and social interaction. If you want to have fun and enjoy Waikiki's glamorous lifestyle, don't miss out on these 10 activities!

1. Visit our Alamea store located on 2424 Kalakaua Ave

If our designs captivate you, you can't imagine how it feels to visit our store in Waikiki. All our designs are found here, where our professional staff will ensure that you receive the best service. Choose your favorite piece of jewelry that will always remind you of this unforgettable trip and enjoy watching how our staff prepares their signature jewelry bows around an exclusive Alamea box.

2. The Zoo

Would you like to see the Hawaiian state bird, nene? Then you've come to the right place. Visit the Honolulu Zoo and enjoy these 42-acre grounds where you will see more than 250 different mammal, reptile and bird species. The grounds are divided into different areas designed to closely replicate the animals natural habitats: Tropical Forests, African Savannah, and the Pacific Islands. To see some of the local flora and fauna, you can visit the Zoo Gardens and enjoy more than 160 tropical bird species.

3. Island Vintage Shave Ice

Located on 2201 Kalakaua Ave, you can get their shaved ice at two different open-air shoppings. The popping boba and chewy mocho make the textures a whole new experience.

A good option to order is Heavenly Lilikoi, which is made with passionfruit and strawberry syrup added to the layer of frozen yogurt! You will enjoy the sweet, flavorful syrups in every creamy icy bite!

4. The Duke's

After seeing the Duke’s Surf Statue, you should definitely come to eat something yummy at this restaurant located right in front of the ocean. Duke’s Waikiki is known for its Hawaiian cuisines and delightful banana pancakes, french toasts, and vanilla ice cream. Watch the sunset from Duke’s and relax while you enjoy drinking a delicious mai tai or a draft beer. Their live music makes their environment a warm and welcoming spot.

5. Ride around with Biki

If you like to walk around and ride a bike, Waikiki is an area that offers lanes to do it in a very entertaining way. The city's bike stations, “Biki”, is a simple and fun way to rent a bike and tour the entire area while experiencing the nearby sea and all that Waikiki has to offer. Download the Biki app, decide which plan is most convenient for you, find the nearest bike station on the Biki map, enter your code and that's it! Go pedaling all over Waikiki while enjoying the sun and the beach!

6. Musubi Cafe

Without a doubt the best place to eat musubis! They have an endless amount of options and they are all delicious! They also sell their own merchandising inspired by the musubi cartoons that represent the store. This shop is of such good quality that it is normal to see a line of tourists waiting to place their delicious order outside on the street!

7. Sky Waikiki

One of the restaurants with the best views of Waikiki and where you can see the best sunsets, this place is one of the top bowling alleys and bars in the area. All the glamor of Waikiki can be enjoyed in this beautiful restaurant located on one of the highest floors on Kalakaua Avenue. The place has outdoor tables to spend a beautiful afternoon or evening with friends, having a few drinks and enjoying fancy menus.

8. Hula Lessons at Royal Hawaiian Center

Don't miss a Hula class at the Royal Hawaiian Center! This ancient Hawaiian dance is a classic of the native culture and folklore of the islands. Classes are held every Tuesday from 11 am to 12 pm at the Royal Grove. In the class you will learn the basic gestures, how to move your feet, and how to make your body flow to tell a story through dance.

9. Oahu Turtle Canyon Snorkel Catamaran Cruise

The tour has a duration of 2 to 3 hours and the ticket normally costs $97 per person! Departing from Waikiki, this power catamaran navigates along Oahu’s shore to the best spots of the island! Enjoy snorkeling with sea turtles and other marine life like dolphins and whales.

The tour guarantees that you will see a turtle! If a turtle is not sighted you will get a free ticket to take the cruise again.

10. Moku Surfboards

Come to the beach and rent a surfboard. If you have never done it before, I am sure that a surf class will be an experience you’ll never forget. This sport is one of the most representative of Hawaiian culture and is part of the lifestyle of our beloved aloha state. Enjoy the white sands of Waikiki, the crystal clear sea, and the turtles swimming around while you sit on your board.



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I would love to check out the zoo!

Paula S.

That shave ice looks fantastic!

Paula S.

If I ever get back to Oahu, I am definitely going to check out the Sky Waikiki! I wish I had known about it on my previous visits!

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