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The Ocean as the Life of Hawaii

Native Hawaiians have a deep connection and understanding of the ocean. A well-known legend says that native Hawaiians used a magic hook called “Makau” to find food in the sea during ancient times. Hawaiian values ​​are not just stories from the past, but spiritual beliefs that are present among the natives of the island. Providing more than 70 percent of the oxygen we respire, more than 97 percent of the world's water reserve, and being a source of nourishment, the oceans play a critical role in life on earth. But natural resources are not infinite, and that is why we must care for the ocean's health.

Hawaii's culture and heritage are passed down to new generations, so it is remarkable to take responsibility for the relationship we establish with the ocean. Hawaiian culture is rooted in the value of love for the land and the sea. The sea is not something external to us since it is an extension of the land. Our community is linked to the sea and therefore we have a responsibility and a commitment to taking care of it. The true challenge is to assume what future we want for our oceans and how we will work together to change the perception and understanding that we have of the "kai" (water) as part of the "aina" (land).


Paula S.

It’s a shame everyone doesn’t share the same commitment. Humans are destroying our planet.

Paula S.

So many interesting aspects to Hawaiian culture!

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