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The Deep Meaning of the Ocean in Hawaiian Culture

Native Hawaiians have a deep connection and understanding of the ocean. According to ancient Hawaiian legend, the demigod Maui was once out fishing with his brothers. While fishing, he caught the bottom of the ocean with his magical fish hook "Manaiakalani". He then pulled up with all his strength. When he pulled, the islands surrounding Maui rose up from the sea. When pulling however, the line broke. Because of this, the islands are close to Maui but not touching. Since then, the Hawaiian fish hook has been called the Manaiakalani. The fish hook is said to bring safe passage, strength, and good fortune to those who wear it. We recreated this iconic design with our Manaiakalani Fishhook Pendant

Hawaiian legends ​​are not just stories from the past, but cultural beliefs and heritage that is present among natives of the island. Because of these beliefs, Hawaiians have a deep connection with the ocean. After all, the ocean provides more than 70 percent of the oxygen we respire, more than 97 percent of the world's water reserve, and is a global source of nourishment. The ocean undeniably plays the biggest role in life on earth. The ocean's power is amazing, but not infinite. We humans make a big impact on the ocean. It's important that we do what we can to protect and preserve the great blue seas.

Hawaii's culture and heritage is passed down from generation to generation. Hawaiian culture is rooted in the love of the sea. In Hawaiian culture, the sea is as important as the land. Because of this deep commitment to the sea, many Hawaiian communities feel a need to take care of it. There is an undeniable responsibility and commitment to the preservation of the sea. Although the feat is challenging, many young people in Hawaii are rising to the occasion, and developing new methods to use and take care of the mighty sea. Any of us, even non-Hawaiians, can show support for the preservation of the sea. Many of our pieces make a clear statement about the love of the sea, such as our Larimar Whale Tail Bangle, or our Maui Honu Ring.


Paula S.

I love this!

Paula S.

It’s a shame everyone doesn’t share the same commitment. Humans are destroying our planet.

Paula S.

So many interesting aspects to Hawaiian culture!

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