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Who is Your Ku'uipo?

The love of a mother to a daughter is one of the most wonderful treasures in the world. No matter where we are in the world, we will always be our mother’s ku’uipo, or sweetheart. 

In Hawaiian culture, ku'uipo means "sweetheart", but it is also much more than that. Our ku'uipo is that person for whom our love is unbreakable and unlimited, such as a mother’s love for her daughter or vice versa. As a demonstration of this, it is one of the most honorable traditions for a young Hawaiian girl to receive a gold bracelet engraved with black letters reading "ku'uipo". 

This event is even more special when the bracelet is passed down from generation to generation since it carries the love of all the women who have given it identity and infinite love along the way.

Inspired by Hawaiian tradition and the ineffable love of a daughter for her mother, Island by Koa Nani’s designs represent the values ​​and emotions that the word “Ku’uipo” carries.


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