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What is Ohana? And Where Can I Find Mine?

When we are born, our family is the first secure place we belong to, and we get to explore the world with. The people who live with us and with whom we grow up are the figures we use as a reference to develop in life and grow: our heroes

In Hawaiian culture, ohana is your family, friends, neighbors, or even those from important social groups. There are many ways to grow your ohana, because your family members are not only the people with whom you share a bond, but also those people that have always been there. 

Those people that know us the most will always love us no matter how many times we ​​make mistakes. When we feel broken or unmotivated, our ohana are those people we turn to for comfort and words of encouragement. They are the people with whom we can be ourselves because we know that they will never judge us, and also who we ask for advice when we feel a little lost. 

There is no perfect way to have an ohana or only one way to belong to a home. Your ohana will always be wherever your heart is safe. They are those people who you will always come back for a hug. 

Island by Koa Nani's 14K Honu Eternity Pendant symbolizes the endless love we feel for those who will forever be a part of who we are: our ohana.


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