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Four Healthy Habits for Your Jewelry

Our jewelry represents us and complements our outfits depending on the energy we are vibing with on a particular day. These little treasures are also part of who we are, so having healthy habits to take care of them is something worth doing that will only take a few minutes of our time. 

Giving some special attention to our favorite jewels is easy to do. It can also be a fun activity to help you disconnect from screens and weekly responsibilities.

Here are four simple habits that you can incorporate into your lifestyle so that your jewelry remains as beautiful as the first day you got them. 

1 ) Organizing your jewelry frequently

It is a smart habit to classify all your jewelry into rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Organizing can feel quite therapeutic since it has positive effects on our brain that can help us generate new ways of thinking and developing creative ideas. Taking care of your belongings is also a self-care habit of love, so whenever you have a free moment, make sure your treasured pieces are stored where they belong.

2) Choose the right organizer

An organizer that allows us to find what we need quickly is helpful. There are organizers of different styles that can be used depending on the jewelry types you have most. A chest organizer with drawers or a standing cabinet with doors could be a good idea. Other original options could be a jewelry tree, hooks on the wall, or a drawer organizer. To protect the bracelets and necklaces you like the most, keep them separately to prevent tangling. An organization system will help you find what you want quickly and also prevent any future damage.

3) Clean it properly

Just as we need to feel clean and fresh, our jewelry also requires a simple cleaning routine. Although you don't need to do it every day, it is good to clean our gems when we notice they start looking a little tarnished or dirty. The mixture of warm water with neutral soap or ecological natural detergent works well to clean them without damaging them in most cases. This depends greatly on the material of your jewelry so always make sure you look up what is best for your particular jewelry piece. What may work for one, might not be best for another.

Ideally, it would be best to clean your jewelry at least once a week. Also, it can even be something fun to do while listening to your favorite podcast or listening to music that makes you feel good.

4) Preserve your jewelry

Both heat and light affect the quality of a jewelry piece. It is appropriate to avoid exposing your treasures to the sun, high temperatures, and other substances like lotions and perfumes. We recommend not leaving jewelry in damp places, as exposure to these factors can damage your jewelry. To keep your jewels like new, you could give your Island by Koa Nani boxes a second life by using them as jewelry storage.




Thank you for the great tips on taking care of your beautiful jewelry!

Donna Turcotte

I am IN LOVE with your gorgeous jewelry. I miss the islands, I lived in Hawaii Kai for 1 year. Need to get back.. you should totally do a collaboration with

Jeanette Gillett

Just amazing how much thought you all put into your pieces ❤ .Beautiful

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