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The Surprise Gift Guide

Who doesn’t love surprises? Before you answer that, I meant the type of surprises that come in small boxes with a ribbon tied around it. While everyone has different tastes, I wanted to share with you my personal picks for surprise gifting. 

Image source: Hackensak Meridian Health.

For my mom, I would get this Akoya Pearl Oyster Shell Pendant because she grew up spending time at the beach and she always loved collecting shells. This pendant would be a splurge, but the timeless design makes it the type of jewelry that would be handed down for generations.


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I would give these Opalite Butterfly Earrings to my best friend. The butterfly design is very trendy and the iridescent opalite reflects her bright personality. They are perfect for anyone who loves butterflies and loves to add a pop of color to their outfit. 

Image source: Entertainment Tonight 

I would give my little sister this Coqui Frog Pendant because she loves all types of amphibians. This pendant would be perfect for those who want a very unique, but stylish gift. 

Image source: Entrepreneur

For my boss, I would get the Tennis Bangle Bracelet because it is professional and elegant. It can be paired with almost any outfit. The simple and classic design ensures it will never go out of style so it can be worn for decades.

Image source: Senior Citizens - LoveToKnow

I would get this Orchid Pendant for my grandmother because she always told us stories about her mother’s orchids so it would remind her of her childhood. This beautiful design is great for anyone who has an appreciation for unique flowers

Hope this helps you feel inspired. At, you too can find the perfect gifts for your loved ones!

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