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Larimar is the ultimate in healing stones that captures both the tranquility of the calm sea and vibrancy of the heavenly blue sky. A rare stone found only in one place on earth, Larimar was rediscovered by Miguel Mendez in 1974 near the Bahoruco Mountain range in the Dominican Republic. Locals originally believed the stone came from the sea, though this is untrue as it is volcanic in origin. Mendez named the stone Larimar combining the name of his daughter, Larissa, and ‘mar’ meaning sea. Coming in a variety of natural hues and patterns, Larimar ranges anywhere from pale blue to deep blue to turquoise or even green. 
As Hawaii’s favorite adopted gemstone, we pair hand-selected highest quality Larimar gemstones with the finest sterling silver and 14k solid gold designs inspired by the traditions, folklore, and nature’s beauty of our beloved island state.


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