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New 14K Koa Wood Collection

Bar & Barrel Pendants

Traditional bar shape pendants have been a staple in traditional Hawaiian jewelry for centuries. They express your life’s path. Often adorned with scroll or wave motif engraving, this indicates the changing tides that guide your way through life. Other popular designs may include plumeria flowers or our Hawaiian Honu. 

On the other hand, barrel pendants allow the wearer to keep their dreams, hopes, and goals close to their heart. Fill the space with positivity to keep your mind clearly set on what matters most to you. 

As a popular gift, our bar and barrel pendants are created to last for generations. Celebrate the centuries old tradition of gifting Hawaiian Heirloom jewelry for your loved ones and friends started by Queen Victoria who gifted the Princess Liliuokalani  what was to become the first Hawaiian bracelet. 


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