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About Us

Island Fine Jewelry

'Island' was inspired by Hawaii's flora and fauna. The collection includes intricate designs of Hawaii's most enchanting aquatic creatures like turtles, dolphins, whales and octopus, as well as the iconic anthurium leaf and beautiful local flowers. 

Koa Nani

Jewelry made-to-order by craftsmen utilizing the latest technology in beautiful Waikiki. Our pieces are made in Hawaii and inspired by the Aloha spirit that surrounds our location. We carefully select the finest quality materials and engrave each piece as you order it.


Precious is our character, therefore we took the Hawaiian name of Alamea. Our mission is to pull the most stunning elements in nature and craft them into breathtaking symbols of love.

J3 Hawaii

J3 Hawaii, jewelries inspired by the unique and wondrous natural splendor of the Hawaiian Islands and handcrafted by our family of artisans. J3 jewelry blends and balances traditions dating back to over 140 years with Modern Hawaiian influences, and the result is a unique jewelry, a work of art.


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