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This photo shows a 925 sterling silver cocktail ring paired with an oval opalite gemstone and cubic zirconia
This photo shows a model wearing a 925 sterling silver cocktail ring paired with an oval opalite gemstone and high quality cubic zirconia
925 Sterling Silver

Opal Atlantis Cocktail Ring


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This 925 sterling silver ring features our original Atlantis Cocktail design paired with sustainable ocean blue opal and topaz.

Oval, a unique shape, represents zest for life, rebirth, fertility, and even immortality. Declare your love of the ocean with the Atlantis ring as you keep a piece of the ocean close to you always.

Make a statement with this dazzling ring. It will bring you confidence, good luck, and love in all parts of life.


  • Brand: Alamea
  • Materials: 925 Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia
  • Gemstone: Sustainable & Synthetic Opal

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Gemstone information:

Opal’s kaleidoscopic hues are sure to impress. Associated with love and passion, our blue opal gemstones bring harmony to one’s life like the steady ocean waves.

Polishing is a great way to keep the shine of your jewelry by using a polishing cloth. Avoid chemicals when cleaning.

Opal Atlantis Cocktail Ring


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