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14K Rose Gold: The Best Metal to Choose
When Shopping for Gold

It’s no surprise that everyone loves a good piece of rose gold jewelry, even more so when it’s set in 14K gold. Its muted pink tone gives off a certain feminine radiance that is unmatched. More of an understated color than yellow gold, Rose gold is refined and delicate. But what makes 14k Rose gold stand out from the rest? Let’s find out. 

14k rose gold anthurium jewel set of pendant and earrings lined with diamonds

Known by many jewelry makers and buyers alike, 14k rose gold is both timeless and elegant. Rose gold is made by mixing alloy with pure gold, and this creates its lovely warm color. This special color of gold is said to communicate luxury and is associated with style, affluence, and elegance. Its soft hue is a more romantic and composed take on 14k gold designs and is perfect for all skin tones.  

14K Rose Gold anthurium pendant lined with diamonds worn by a model

As opposed to 10k or 12k gold, 14k gold contains a higher percentage of pure gold that will allow it to last a lot longer and retain its gold purity. This gold is a higher-quality blend that offers strong durability for everyday wear and is reasonably affordable. Any piece that is made out of 14k rose gold won’t easily scratch and its visual brightness allows it to be worn daily without losing its shine or becoming dull over time. The color also won’t fade as the amount of gold present will combat tarnishing for years to come.

14k Rose gold aloha heart pendant features a heart motif with the Aloha lined with sparkling diamonds

If you’re looking for a gold piece that looks expensive without the price tag, 14k gold is the right choice for you. It’s proven that 90% of gold jewelry sales in the US are made out of 14k gold and are the best formulation when making rose gold pieces. Not only is it visually appealing by retaining a large amount of pure gold, but is overall very good value. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, 14k rose gold is always a great option to consider.

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