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Iridescent Abalone Shell: Sustainable & Beautiful

sterling silver iridescent abalone pikake or jasmine flower pendant

Most likely you’ve already seen abalone shell jewelry but may not have known the name of it. Have you ever laid eyes on this iridescent beauty known worldwide as a symbol of good luck? Many cultures have adored abalone because of its vibrant colors ranging from greenish blue, to purple or pink, and its calming properties which are said to protect us through hardships. Learn more about this unique and sacred symbol of the sea to find out if abalone jewelry is right for you! 

sterling silver iridescent abalone bangles

Did you know that the highly iridescent inner nacre layer of the abalone shell has also been used as adornment in several different ways? This includes appliques glued onto the skin, in many forms or art, and of course, jewelry! In many cultures abalone is seen as a symbol of life and while abalone shell is not a gemstone, many gem and jewelry dealers include abalone in their collections because of it’s uniqueness, high quality, and natural origin

sterling silver pendant with sustainable gemstones of abalone, larimar and mother of pearl

One thing we love most about our abalone jewelry is that it’s one of the most sustainable materials that we work with (yes, I’m allowed to brag!). We choose only the most reputable sources and we always support local whenever possible. While these mollusks are primarily farmed for their meat, instead of discarding their shells, we use these unique and colorful treasures to create our works of art. 

sterling silver plumeria flower pendant

Shell earrings made of real shell? What could be more genuine than that? If you love earthy tones, you’ll love the Abalone Oyster Shell Earrings featuring our all natural abalone shell paired with 925 sterling silver

sterling silver abalone pendant and bangles

Looking to add double meaning to your next gift? Not only does abalone shell have a deep connection of the ocean and all it’s wisdom, but why not pair it with a design that’s equally as powerful, such as the pikake flower? The Abalone Pikake Pendant, also known as the Hawaiian jasmine, is a symbol of love and romance. Brought to the Hawaiian islands in the 1800s, Hawaii's Princess Ka'iulani loved this flower so much that she named them after her beloved peacocks.

sterling silver pikake or Hawaiian Jasmine flower pendant in iridescent abalone

Whether you’re buying jewelry for someone special or just browsing for yourself, wearing jewelry should be completely guilt-free. That’s why we (and our customer reviews) highly recommend our abalone collection! Find the piece that speaks to you and take the essence of the ocean with you whenever you go. 


Paula S.

I love the Plumeria pendants! Plumeria is one of my favorite flowers.

Paula S.

Wow, these are all so pretty! Love them!

Rebekah Ranes


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