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Caring for Natural Shell Jewelry

Mother of Pearl butterfly pendant in a jewelry box.

Discover the secrets to maintaining the exquisite beauty of your natural shell jewelry. We’re talking about those of you lucky enough to own a piece of black and white mother of pearl, or abalone shell jewelry. These iridescent gems require special care to preserve their delicate shimmer and shine.

Iridescent Abalone Fishhook pendant being professionally cleaned.

First, avoid exposing your shell pieces to harsh chemicals, such as chlorine or household cleaners. Opt for gentle, all-natural soap and water to clease your ocean gems. Always remove your jewelry before swimming or engaging in strenuous activities to prevent damage.

Iridescent Abalone whale tail pendant in a jewelry box.

Next, store your mother of pearl jewelry in a soft pouch or the box it came in, away from other items that could scratch the surface. Don’t forget that these beauties are sensitive to extreme temperatures, so keep them away from direct sunlight when not wearing them.

Mother of Pearl plumeria flower pendant worn by a model

Finally, consider wearing your shell jewelry pieces after applying makeup, hairspray, and perfumes to minimize contact with substances that can dull their luster. Remember, your shell jewelry should be last on when you’re getting ready for the day, and first off when you’re done for the day.

Abalone shell fishhook pendant being professionally cleaned

If for any reason your shell jewelry isn’t looking quite as nice as it used to, send it back to us for a free polishing. We’ll get it looking good as new at no additional cost. If your shell jewelry breaks for any reason, you can trade it in for a new one within one year of purchase, no questions asked. If it’s been longer than that, send us a picture to get a price quote for repairs.


Abalone fishhook pendant being professionally cleaned

By following these essential care tips, you’ll ensure your mother of pearl jewelry remains as enchanting as the day you first laid eyes on it! Share your favorite mother of pearl pieces in the comments 👇 to spread the love for these mesmerizing ocean gems



Very beautiful jewelry!

Paula S.

Mother of Pearl jewelry is so pretty. Thanks for the care tips!

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