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Sustainable Ocean Gem, Mother of Pearl

Let’s dive into the mystical ocean of sustainable jewelry with yours truly, the fabulous mother of pearl! Talk about the ultimate ocean treasure! This divine shell jewelry is dripping with symbolic meaning that’ll elevate your fashion game this summer to ethereal levels. Read on to find out more about this shimmering shell and how it came to be one of the most sustainable materials used in our newest jewelry collection.
Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl pendant features a jellyfish design
Derived from the iridescent lining of mollusk shells, mother of pearl has long been admired for its mesmerizing beauty and soothing energy. As a symbol of protection, it’s said to bring the gentle healing power of the sea to those who wear it. It has lustrous and opalescent qualities much like pearls because it too comes from the same mollusks that create striking pearls. Each piece of mother of pearl jewelry is unique; no two pieces will ever be identical due to the natural attributes of this shell.
Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Pendant features three whale tail designs in small, medium and large sizes
Did you know that this captivating gemstone-quality shell is also eco-friendly? By using shells that are ethically sourced and responsibly harvested, we can create sustainable jewelry that not only looks beautiful but helps protect our oceans and marine life. Wearing mother of pearl connects you to the sea’s ancient wisdom and reminds you of your own inner strength and resilience. Adorn yourself with the magic of nature while doing your part to protect the planet.
Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl butterfly jewelry set of hook earrings and a pendant


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Those necklaces are so pretty!

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I love mother-of-pearl. Your jewelry is absolutely gorgeous!

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