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Discover the Hidden Meaning of Bar & Barrel Pendants

Discover the hidden meaning of bar and barrel pendant featuring this gold barrel engraved pendant

Dive into the rich history of Hawaiian heirloom jewelry, a legacy of love, tradition, and artistry. Two popular pendant designs within Hawaiian jewelry are bars and barrels, each with their own meaning behind their unique shape. Discover the rich history and culture embedded in these two traditional designs.

two-tone 14k gold vermeil sterling silver bar pendant featuring sea turtle engraved design

Bar pendants, often engraved with traditional Hawaiian motifs, symbolizes the wearer’s unique journey and personal growth. It is a representation of one’s life path and all that is to come. Each engraved motif tells a distinct story of its owner. Choose the plumeria motif to represent new beginnings, strength, and courage. Or opt for the sea turtle to represent wisdom, knowledge, and longevity. The scroll motif seen on just about every bar pendant represents infinity, the coming and going of the tides, and togetherness.

14k gold barrel pendant featuring two small engraved and a large engraved barrel pendant

Barrel pendants, with their cylindrical shape, signifies continuity and eternity. It’s a space for you to keep your hopes and dreams close to your heart. Whether its a representation of endless love, eternal life, or an unbroken bond, the symbolism behind these pieces makes them even more special. Similarly to bar pendants, they feature traditional engraved motifs including the plumeria flower, sea turtle, and maile leaf. Maile leaf leis represent peace, friendship, and love.

Discover the hidden meaning of bar and barrel pendant featuring two-tone 14k gold vermeil bar pendant with sea turtle engraving

So, wear your Hawaiian heirloom jewelry with pride, knowing its more than just an accessory - it’s a testament to your individuality and a piece of Aloha spirit that you can share with the world. Check out our Hawaiian heirloom collection to find your bar or barrel pendant today!



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