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Discover the Magic of Cocobolo Wood Jewelry

Cocobolo wood is known for its durability, striking color, and stunning beauty. It’s a member of the rose family and has been used throughout history but wasn’t until the late 20th century that Cocobolo wood became popular in jewelry making. This sacred wood is said to promote positive energy and motivation. Discover the magic of Cocobolo wood jewelry with the five designs below which showcase the versatility and beauty of this unique wood.


dark cocobolo wood bar pendant with traditional Hawaiian scroll engraving set in sterling silver

The Nalu Bar Pendant is loved for its simplicity. The bar design is well-crafted, sleek, and balanced. It’s popular within Hawaiian Heirloom jewelry and represents the road of life ahead. Wherever your road leads, wear the Cocobolo Nalu Bar Pendant to represent strength, renewal, and stability that can carry you to the beautiful places you are destined to go.


dark cocobolo wood pendant featuring humpback whale design set in sterling silver

Whales are one of the most magnificent creatures that exist on the planet. The mighty whale signifies wisdom, transformation, protection, and gratitude. In this piece, the Cocobolo wood was added to represent the mysterious depths of the ocean. Dive deep into your own ocean of possibilities when you wear the Cocobolo Humpback Whale Pendant.


dark cocobolo wood fish hook pendant set in sterling silver

In Hawaiian culture, the fish hook represents the connection between people and the mystical ocean. Symbolic of strength, adventure, and determination, the Cocobolo Fish Hook Pendant is a fan favorite. The fish hook design adds an element of power to your aura while the Cocobolo wood grounds you and keeps you planted.


dark cocobolo wood cross with hand-engraved traditional Hawaiian scroll or wave detailing set in sterling silver

The Cocobolo Engraved Cross Pendant represents true faith. This cross pendant is paired with Cocobolo wood to show the connection between Earth and spirit. Let this piece represent your faith as a compass, guiding you through thick and thin.


featuring our two-tone wood of poplar tree and dark cocobolo tree paired with traditional Hawaiian engraving

The Two-Tone Exotic Wood Ring is the perfect pairing of two worlds. The dark, strong, and rich Cocobolo contrasts the light and delicate poplar wood. Elegant, yet casual, this piece is perfect for everyday wear. Let this ring bring out the best sides of you!

Edited by Renee Heimgartner

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