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Larimar: One of the Rarest Gemstones in the World

Sterling Silver Larimar Blue Gemstone featuring a conch shell pendant

Say aloha to Larimar, Hawaii’s favorite adopted gemstone, a uniquely bright blue stone that comes exclusively from the Dominican Republic. This radiant blue stone, created from volcanic activity of the Caribbean, mirrors the serene beauty of our Hawaiian oceans.

Larimar Blue Ring with white topaz gemstones

It’s not just its captivating appearance that makes it special, but the meaning and symbolism behind this unique gem that truly make it a unique treasure. 

Sterling Silver Larimar Blue Gemstones jewelry set of rhombus pendant and hoop earrings

Larimar is a symbol of tranquility, pease, and enlightenment, believed to soothe the mind, inspire creativity, and heal the body. Just like the waves kissing the Hawaiian shores, this gemstone is a beautiful reminder that in the ebb and flow of life, peace is always within reach. 

two larimar blue rings in classic cocktail design paired with white topaz gemstones

Known as the ‘stone of Atlantis’, Larimar is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. Larimar jewelry is valuable and difficult to obtain since only a tiny fraction of the Larimar that exists is of gemstone quality. It may look a lot like turquoise, but it is actually the only blue pectolite that exists in the world.

sterling silver Larimar Blue Pendant featuring the hanalei heart motif with white topaz gemstones lined up in the center

The stone carries the healing power of the ocean, promoting relaxation and calm. Wear it as a reminder that just like the ocean you are deep and powerful. So why not bring a piece of tranquility into your life with Larimar jewelry from Island by Koa Nani? Fall in love with our Larimar collection! 



Such a lovely stone. It was interesting to learn more about it.

sandra lebeau

the blue is so pretty looks great in silver settings

Stephanie Moore

I love Larimar jewelry – such a beautiful colour

Sierra Norris

Larimar is such a gentle, peaceful stone. I think it would be perfect for my healing journey.

Darla Peduzzi

I love the larimar stone and jewelry. It’s so unique and so pretty!

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