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Preserving the Planet with Sustainable Opal

Sustainable Ocean Blue featuring a star urchin bangle

Dive into the mesmerizing depths of the sustainable ocean-blue opal gemstone! This ethereal beauty is not only a sight to behold, but it also supports eco-friendly practices. Mining for gemstones can often disrupt natural ecosystems. Our sustainable opals are created in a way that mimics the natural processes while not harming the environment whatsoever.

sustainable ocean blue opal featuring manta ray pendant

Our sustainable blue opals are a poignant reminder of our precious oceans, urging us to protect and preserve them. When you wear this gemstone, you’re not just adding to your style, you’re also supporting the health of the planet. 

Sustainable Ocean Blue Opal featuring a nautilus shell pendant

Blue opals are a symbol of creativity, originality, and love. Their deep oceanic hues represent the calm and tranquil energy that it brings into your life, evoking feelings of peace and serenity. It’s also known as the “eye stone”, believed to help you see clearly through tough situations and protect you from harmful energies. 

sustainable ocean blue opal featuring sea life designs

The next time you wear one of our blue opals, remember, it’s not just a stone, but a beacon of tranquility and a shield against negativity. Stay tuned for more blue opal magic as we continue to introduce new and unique opal jewelry designs



I’m glad to hear there are more sustainable gem options available.

Stephanie Moore

Such a beautiful stone!


Is it still considered “bad luck” to wear opal when its not your birthstone?


Beautiful opal jewelry! Love the manta

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