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Earrings for Special Occasions

Some earrings are suitable for everyday wear, but when you really want to accessorize with something that elevates your mood and summons positive vibes, these are the ones to pick!

Larimar Moon & Star Lever Back Earrings

 Blue Larimar Gemstone Moon and Star Hook Earrings

These moon and star earrings are the perfect design for astrology lovers and stargazers alike! This unique blue Larimar gemstone is one of the rarest gemstones in the world! Each lunar phase is thought to give off a different energy, and wearing these Larimar Moon and Star Earrings remind us to harness that energy in a positive way.

Two-tone Swimming with Nai’a Hook Earrings

Two-Tone 14K Gold Nai'a or Dolphin Hook Earrings paired with a ring

Have you ever swam with dolphins? If you have, you understand the breathtaking wonder of frolicking with these playful creatures. These 14k gold and sterling silver earrings symbolize that same joviality, and is a perfect fit for someone with a playful yet sophisticated side.

Larimar Lighthouse Earrings

Blue Larimar Lighthouse Hook Earrings paired with a pendant

Another more sustainable option for your wardrobe, these blue Larimar earrings are perfect for the lighthouse keepers in your life–either literally, or those that guide your metaphorical ship in the storms of life.

Larimar Moon Vine Earrings

Blue Larimar Moon vine design hook earrings paired with a pendant

Elegant, eye-catching, and conversation-starting–when you want to make a statement, these earrings are an essential addition to your jewelry collection. The properties of this exquisite Larimar gem can bring a sense of serenity and enhanced clarity.

Royal Larimar Earrings

Royal Larimar Earrings features a blue Larimar, yellow citrine, a green peridot

These earrings speak for themselves. Their details make them unique, and their design is so original that you will not find earrings like these anywhere else. They feature five different gemstones including Larimar, citrine, garnet, topaz, and peridot. If you want earrings as unique as you are, these earrings will elevate any outfit and attract all kinds of compliments.


Joan A

Such pretty earrings!


such amazing craftmanship indeed

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