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Must-Have Jewelry Pieces for Travel Lovers

We all know everyone needs a vacation now and then. Traveling offers the chance to break free from routine, embrace spontaneity, and create unforgettable memories while exploring new cultures, cuisines, and captivating landscapes. What better way to do that than with the perfect jewelry pieces that blend elegance, versatility, and practicality? Whether you’re jet-setting to a tropical oasis, or planning a staycation, we want to make sure your jewelry is the star of the show. In this curated list, we present the must-have jewelry pieces to add to your travel ensembles, ensuring you feel confident and ready for any adventure that comes your way. 

Larimar Heart Key Pendant

Larimar Heart Key Jewelry Set of Bangle and Pendant

Capture the essence of romantic style and classic beauty on your next vacation. Unlock new experiences and forge unforgettable connections with the world around you. Featuring our original Heart and Key motif paired with hand-selected Larimar and topaz gemstones, this pendant is the epitome of femininity and grace. 

Larimar Pavé Compass Earrings

Larimar Pavé compass set with earrings, pendant and bangle

Show off your adventurous spirit with our compass designs. This classic symbol of navigation and exploration reminds us to embrace life's journey and to have fun along the way.  This Pavé Compass design is paired with hand-selected larimar and topaz gemstones and is stunning when paired with the matching Larimar Pavé Compass pendant. 

Larimar Ohana Honu Pendant

Larimar Ohana Honu Jewelry featuring three sea turtles in set of pendant and earrings

Ohana means family in Hawaiian and represents love and our connection to those we cherish most. This 925 sterling silver pendant features our original Ohana Honu, or family of sea turtles, design paired with hand-selected larimar gemstones. Wear our Honu pendant to represent unity with those closest to you. 

Pavé Sand Dollar Pendant

Pavé Sand Dollar Pendant in 14K gold vermeil

If you find a sand dollar on your next beach adventure, you are in luck! They are known to symbolize wealth and fortune and bring forth good luck and blessings. This 14k gold vermeil, pendant features our original Sand Dollar design paired with pavé topaz gemstones. Cleanse your heart and mind with one of our sand dollar pendants.

Larimar Laysan Honu Bangle

Larimar Laysan Honu or sea turtle sleek bangle

Are bangles a must-have in your vacation style? We have the perfect piece for you. The Larimar honu bangle is great for anyone wanting a slim and elegant design without the fuss of a snap closure, and Its flexibility makes it easy to twist on-off. The sea life element adds that classic Oceana aesthetic that is perfect for any beach destination. 

Two-Tone Queen Palm Tree Pendant

Two-Tone Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Palm Tree Pendant

Two-toned jewlery is having its moment! Feel those tropical vibes with our original Palm Tree design, in 925 sterling silver and 14k gold. Symbolizing vitality and warmth, the palm tree speaks of sunny skies and vacation feels. 

Island Medallion Pendant

14K Gold vermeil medallion pendant with palm tree and sun rays lined with white topaz gemstones

Sun rays represent all that is positive and bright in the world and in your life. This 925 sterling silver, 14k gold vermeil medallion pendant features our original palm tree and sun-ray motifs paired with pavé topaz gemstones. Transport yourself to the islands with this tropical pendant. 

Larimar Kai Whale Tail Earrings

Larimar Whale Tail Set with lever back earrings on the left and pendant with earrings on the right

 Unleash your inner explorer, and create a magnetic allure with our original Wale tail designs! These majestic creatures carry the ultimate gift of harmony and balance. Let these earrings draw you closer to the enchanting secrets of the deep blue sea. 

Pavé Aloha Heart Pendant

14K Gold vermeil heart pendant paved with white topaz gemstones and with aloha design inside the heart

Basking in the aloha vibes on vacation brings a sense of tranquility and joy. Bask in the warm sun and feel refreshed and rejuvenated with the ultimate tropical pendant. Featuring our original heart and aloha motif lined with pavé topaz gemstones. Be vacation ready with this stunning pendant!


Joan A

Love the Sand Dollar pendant!


I love how all of these pieces are so unique, there’s something for everyone🐚


Love the compass earrings!

Derek Melanson

Beautiful unique pieces.

Joshua Sparks

these are so fancy

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