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The Moon & Star Design Meaning

The crescent moon & star is one of the world's most ancient symbols, combining powerful icons joining a man and a woman together. The star represents the female and celebrates the cosmic powers of the love goddesses Venus. The moon symbol represents the man's worship of the skies and is said to honor the male moon god of ancient Sumeria. Let us take a deeper look at what these symbols mean and how you can incorporate them into your everyday life.

The Moon

The moon is a feminine symbol that universally represents the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle. There are eight phases of the moon, and these cycles repeat once every month. In the correct succession, it starts with the new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter and waning crescent to close out the final phase. These phases symbolize immortality, eternity, and the enlightenment of nature herself.

Model wearing the larimar star and moon set including a pendant, earrings and a sleek or flexi bangle

Fun Fact: In Greek mythology, Selene was the goddess of the moon. She would drive her chariot powered by beautiful white horses across the sky while pulling the moon, lighting the night. She was known for her embodiment of constant change, which would signify the various moon phases and cycles.

larimar moon & star earrings

The overall celestial meaning behind the moon is having a sense of direction and consistency that we think inspires all of us and allows us to be empowered. As it ultimately represents female empowerment, it is a great way to celebrate the inspirational women in your life. Check out our Larimar Moon & Star set show your love for the moon and what she stands for.

The Star

The symbol of a star has always been associated with awe and wonder. All you have to do is look into a clear night sky to experience the feeling of calm of inner peace. Stars are majestic and untouchable and have always been a constant inspiring sight for humanity. Other powerful associations with stars are wishes, luck, and attaining one's dream.

Fun Fact: Merchants traveling through deserts to trade with foreign lands would use a star to guide them. This skill led the merchants to see in high regard as they could navigate the desert despite being surrounded by vast areas of nothing.

Overall, stars have been a part of mankind since the beginning of time. They were used as a guiding path for people long before GPS, maps, or even a compass. Often referred to as a guiding light, a fixed star was something to guide travelers to their destination. Stars are more than shiny entities that we see throughout the night. They are the ultimate symbol of guidance and protection and offer the power of self-resilience and resourcefulness.

By combining these powerful symbols together, you are representing the best attributes of the star and the moon and what they subsequently stand for. The feminine force and sense of direction that the moon represents and the guidance and protection of the stars, this powerful duo is sure to help guide you through life's path.

Check out our Opalite Moon & Star set and represent this magnificent, celestial entity in style.



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