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The Third Discovery of Larimar:
A True Story

Do you believe in fate? Or was it all a coincidence? I became a believer of both, the day I met a woman at the infamous Waikiki Beach. I remember it vividly, thanks to a blue gemstone that stood out among the crowd.

It was a sunny day, perhaps a perfect day to go to the beach. I was walking the streets of Waikiki when I glanced this beautiful woman. She immediately caught my eye despite the hundreds of women on the crowded beach, because of a striking, ocean blue stone that perfectly matched her sparkling blue eyes. I worked up the courage to talk to her – old fashion style – and that’s how I met my wife, Josephine. 

Fast forward, on the day of my birthday, November 22, Josephine planned to take me out on a dinner date. I forgot about that sun shaped pendant until she wore it again at dinner. Her long blue dress complemented that ocean blue pendant. It was mesmerizing and captivating. She noticed my fascination with the gemstone and told me a beautiful story behind this stone.

The photo shows Larimar bangles.

“It’s called Larimar,” Josephine said. She told me how it was first discovered by Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes in the Dominican Republic. Father Miguel attempted to expose the beauty of this stone to the world, on November 22, 1916 – exactly 104 years ago from that very day. Unfortunately, Father Miguel’s attempt was unsuccessful, but fate has its own way of making things happen.

In 1974, Larimar was again discovered after pieces of the stone was found on the seashore by Miguel Mendez. Almost 6 decades apart, another Miguel attempt to share the beauty of Larimar to the world. Only this time it was successful. Miguel Mendez named the ocean blue gemstone after his daughter’s name, Larissa, and combined it with the Spanish word for sea, Mar.

The photo shows Larimar necklaces.

The discovery of Larimar by the second Miguel led many to believe that the gemstone is imbued with magical and healing properties. It is said that the stone can help you improve your speech, communication and confidence. There were also myths that due to the stones intimate connection with the ocean, it gives its wearer protection when faced with rough water.

 The photo shows a woman wearing Larimar bangles.

Now, let me tell you the greatest discovery of Larimar that no one else knows about. History says that there were only two Miguels that discover Larimar. However, there was a third Miguel… Me, Miguel Cruz. My discovery of Larimar changed my life forever. Of all the stories around Larimar, there’s one thing that proved to be true; Larimar’s mystical ability to guide you to your true love. Afterall, it was that ocean blue stone, Larimar, that led me to the love of my life – a one-in-a-lifetime – discovery.

Unlike diamonds, Larimar can only be found in one place on earth- the Dominican Republic. Larimar’s unique appearance is one-of-a-kind. No two Larimar stones are the same. It’s scarcity and uniqueness is what makes Larimar truly special.

But don’t just listen to me, I encourage you to make your own discovery! Fate or coincidence? You decide!




The color blue of Larimar is sooo eye-catching, you’d def get compliments wearing any piece with Larimar in it!!! 🩵🩵🩵🩵🩵

Cassandra Schmidt

Larimar is so beautiful!

Jenni Epperly

I love the beauty of Larimar

Kayte CookWatts

All of the bangles are so gorgeous and delicate, shopping for my mama.

Paula S.

I have never seen a piece of Larimar jewelry that I didn’t fall in love with. Every piece is just exquisite!

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