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Creative Ring Photo Ideas

If you just got engaged or want to share a picture of your favorite ring on social media, we are here to help you capture a successful ring photo. If you don't know where to start, one way could be adding a beautiful backdrop or holding a prop.

Another original way could be placing your ring on a leaf or a silk fabric to add more color and texture. The last one is one of my favorite techniques! If you need a tip, always remember to make your ring the focal point of your picture.

If you want to know how to take a great photo, here is an Island by Koa Nani's guide that will definitely help you discover how creative you can be when taking jewelry pictures.

A Scenic Background

A hand wearing an opalite ring, holding a white flower with a beach background.

A beautiful backdrop can be found anywhere, for example, a scenic hike to your favorite park in your neighborhood. Once you’ve found that special place, position your hand in the center and snap your picture. Ensure the ring is closer to the camera to make it look bigger and make it the main focal point of your picture. The following picture is a great sample of how a scenic background and the Opalite Sea Salt Ring compose a stunning picture.

Hold a Prop

The photo shows a hand holding a pink flower and wearing a star ring.

One of my favorite props for ring pictures is flowers. You can find one anywhere, and they always make ring pictures more romantic. Get creative and look around your house for other fun props, such as hats, wine glasses, or your favorite book. When holding a prop, make sure your hand is relaxed and that the pose looks natural. Props always make posing easier and add character to pictures. Look at this picture where I decided to hold a flower to show off our Ohana Hokuhele ring!

Place the Ring Down

The photos shows a larimar ring standing on a leaf.

Place the ring down on top of a leaf, flower, or any other object that has a unique texture, such as a wooden table, a jewelry dish, or a silk fabric. This will allow you to play with different camera angles since you won’t wear it while taking the picture. This is also a great way to avoid showing your hands if you didn't have time to get a manicure done! Get very creative and place your ring on different surfaces. Experiment and take diverse pictures until you get the perfect shot. In this photograph, you can observe how the Larimar Teardrop ring looks against the green tones of this lovely tropical leaf. Can you see how adding an object with texture and color can elevate your picture? That's right!

Hold Hands

The photo is a couple holding hands and wearing engagement rings.

Holding hands is one of the most popular poses for engagement photos and one of my favorites. Bring your fiancé into the picture and hold hands in a possible way that the ring does not get covered. One hand should be placed on top of the other, while the ring faces straight towards the camera. You can incorporate a scenic background into these pictures as well.

Our online shop offers a wide range of designs that will make you look stunning in any picture. My personal choice is the Opal Shell Ring, but you can check out our website to find the ring that speaks to you. My personal choice is our adorable Shell Ring!

Now that you know how to take ring pictures like a professional, you are ready to feel like a jewelry photographer. Remember to tag us on your next ring photo, follow us at @islandbykoanani for more creative ideas!


Paula S.

Those photos really capture the beauty of the jewelry and showcase it so well!

Paula S.

Great ideas and beautiful photos!


Such beauty and photographed so well.

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