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Do You Know What the Ring on Your Finger Means?

A ring can express many things just by being a tiny detail. Depending on which finger you use it on, the message will change completely. A simple ring conveys so much power to make others tell an aspect of your personality or even your marital status just by looking at your hand. Depending on the time in which you live, your religion, and beliefs of your culture the meaning changes completely.

Today, Island by Koa Nani shares with you in this entertaining blog about which is the ideal finger to express what you want everyone to know!

First of all, it is essential to know what it means to wear a ring depending on the hand in which it is chosen: right or left. The rings on the left hand transmit messages associated with imagination, intuition, and feelings. On the contrary, rings on the right-hand talk about traits of your personality associated with order, meticulousness, and reason.

Depending on whether you are right-handed or left-handed, the meaning of the hand you wear the ring on will vary. If you are left-handed, your left hand is considered the one willing to give and act. If you are right-handed, it will be the other way around.

Little Finger: Intelligence

The photo shows a hand wearing a little finger ring and holding a glass cup

This finger is the one chosen by people who tend to be sensitive. Standing on the edge of your hand, these rings will catch the eye of anyone who looks at it. Wearing this ring on your passive hand will convey your ability to communicate, listen to others, and your sense of intuition. If you carry it in your active hand, you will express your communication and negotiation skills.

Ring Finger: Romance

The picture shows a hand wearing a pearl ring and holding a beach bag.

Undoubtedly the ring is associated with love! Who did not look at their ring finger and immediately imagine what their wedding or engagement ring will look like one day? Originally, wedding rings are worn on the left hand because the heart is connected to an artery called amoris: the bond of love. But that is not all. Your ring finger will also reflect your emotional balance, creativity, and connection to music and poetry. On the contrary, if you decide to wear your ring on your right hand, you will transmit the ability to inspire and help others to become a better version of themselves. An interesting fact: the Pope wears his papal ring on the ring finger of his right hand.

Middle Finger: Wisdom and Identity

The picture shows a hand wearing a middle finger ring and holding a beach hat.

A controversial finger because who has not used this finger to convey various meanings? The reality is that the middle finger speaks of your personal strength, assertiveness, and ability to set limits. It is the finger with the greatest strength and balance. This is why it is said to be the finger of identity.

Saturn, the father of the gods, is closely linked to this finger and associated with the sense of responsibility with ourselves and the wisdom that only experience gives us. If you are serious and someone who can be trusted: definitely wear this ring on your left hand. If you characterize yourself more by your strong moral values ​​and principles, the right hand is the one that will leave this message more than clear.

Index Finger: Authority and Power

The photo shows two hands holding a sea shell and a black pearl ring.

How many times did mom or dad raise this finger at us when they said something important as children, right? And it is that nobody likes to be shown this finger very often due to the authority it transmits. In fact, the kings used rings on this same finger to represent their leadership and resilience.

If you are a person characterized by being a team player, the passive hand is the one you should choose. On the other hand, if you feel you are a true leader who knows how to guide your team with confidence and determination, the active hand is the right one.

Thumb Finger: Originality

The photo shows a hand wearing a thumb finger ring while holding a coconut bag.

This finger essentially conveys what makes your personality unique! Only creative people wear rings on this finger...this is why it is associated with movement and change. The person who chooses to wear a ring on his thumb reaffirms his personality without giving more laps. It is known, for example, that in ancient Greece, the judges used this finger to decide the fate of the gladiators. Also, recognized public institutions such as military service or political officials, are awarded these rings to present their rank and position in society. If you decide to wear this ring on your active hand, people will know that your image is strong and your boundaries are before anything else!

Always remember that the symbolism you give to your ring will only depend on you. Each ring and each finger is special in a different way to each person. The important thing is the message you want to give and how much it represents you!



Paula S.

I think I need a middle finger ring! Larimar would be a beautiful choice!

Pamela Hannah

I love that black pearl band!

Paula S.

Very interesting!

Aleta Allard

I had no idea about the symbolism. Interesting!!

Paula S.

I had no idea! Very interesting!

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