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Top 10 Meaningful Words
to Get Engraved on Jewelry

The photo shows ten different Hawaiian words to engrave on jewelry for a creative gift.

Engraving jewelry is a great way to personalize and add a special touch to your favorite pieces. You can create a unique piece by adding the name of a loved one or a special date such as an anniversary. Engraved jewelry pieces also make great gifts for any occasion. It is a thoughtful gift that anyone will appreciate even more. Keep reading and find out original ideas you can use to surprise someone you love!


Engraving a date on a jewelry piece is the perfect way to keep a memory alive. Our Koa rings are timeless pieces and commonly used for imprinting a date. They’re made from Koa wood, which is sustainable. They make perfect wedding rings or anniversary gifts. I personally would love to engrave my parent’s anniversary on the Koa wood rings and gift it to them for their 30th anniversary.

The photo shows two Koa wood rings on a wood table.


The plumeria bar bracelet is an ideal piece for engraving the name of a loved one. Think about that person who is very special in your life. Carving the name of a loved one will keep them close to your heart. This will be a great way to make your memories last forever. Our bar pendants are the perfect pieces for engraving names.

Larimar Nalu Bar Pendant


Koa Wood Nalu Ring


Inspirational Words

Words are powerful. If you are looking for some inspiration in your everyday life, constantly looking at positive words such as “strength”, “dream” or “persistence” can uplift your spirit. These meaningful words can help you find encouragement and guidance to a more fulfilling lifestyle. Visit our website to find your favorite bracelet to engrave a positive word. I would love to engrave a rose gold bracelet with the world “gratitude” because I believe being grateful is key to living a happier life.

The photo shows a woman wearing a yellow gold bar pendant.

Hawaiian Words

The Hawaiian language is one of oldest living languages in the world stemming from deep roots and history. It only consists of thirteen letters, but it is filled with numerous beautiful words. We have various ring options that can be engraved with your favorite Hawaiian word. I love the word “Me Ke Aloha” which means “with love”.



Paula S.

The Plumeria bar bracelet is so beautiful

Paula S.

An engraved bar pendant or bracelet would make a lovely gift!

Paula S.

Love all of these!

Paula S.

Great inspiration!

Kelly M.

The Hawaiian language is so beautiful.

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