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Valentine's Day Shopping Guide

Valentine's Day is approaching and you want to surprise the person you love most in the world. You probably have a date planned, whether it's a special dinner, a day out, or you've bought two tickets to go see a romantic movie at the cinema... but you feel that something is still missing. If you’ve run out of ideas and do not know what to give your better half, then it’s your lucky day that you are reading this right now. These six lovely designs made by Island by Koa Nani are going to leave your significant other speechless!

Larimar Ku'uipo Heart Pendant

The name says it all. This pendant is the one to give to your "Ku'uipo", that is, the love of your life. The Larimar Ku'uipo Heart pendant is adorned with sophisticated engraved details and a hand-selected Larimar gemstone. The silver heart contains an ocean-blue larimar heart inside that makes this pendant much more special.

Koa Wood Titanium Ring 

This is the ideal ring to seal your love with your partner and favorite person. Koa wood is a natural material only used when it falls genuinely from the tree. It is characterized by its adaptable, solid, and coveted type of wood. Solidify your eternal love by getting a set of rings made from Koa wood by Island by Koa Nani.

Larimar Ku'uipo Pendant


Koa Wood Titanium Ring


Larimar Moana Heart Pendant 

Simple, but captivating. From the depths of the serene sea, this silver and larimar gemstone pendant adds the perfect touch to any occasion. An original and simple gift, this piece is ideal to surprise the person you love. She will remember how much you love her every day by just touching the Moana Heart on her chest.

Larimar Valentina Pendant

"You are my valentine!" Similar to the Larimar Ku'uipo Heart Pendant, but with a twist, the Larimar heart is positioned on the silver heart's left. An original option if combined hearts are your thing. This pendant definitely represents two united hearts that accompany each other and celebrate their love every day. 

Larimar Hanalei Heart Pendant

A pure blue love like the sea, this design features a giant heart made from a beautiful ocean blue Larimar stone. The detail of the silver engraved line divisor in the middle symbolizes two parts that make up the same love. A crescent bay in the middle of the heart of Hanalei shows a clear and beautiful path to your partner's heart.

Larimar Moana Heart Pendant


Larimar Valentina Pendant


Larimar Nai'a Kai Jewelry Set

Ideal for ocean and marine life lovers, giving this set as a gift is a sign of appreciation and affection towards the great love of your life. If the relationship with your special person is fun, adventurous, innocent, and pure as a dolphin, these earrings and pendant are the one for your beloved. The Larimar Nai'a Kai gems stand out for their elegance and delicacy. An engraved silver heart with details, a joyful dolphin, and a larimar teardrop are the deep inspiration behind this magical set designed with so much love by Island by Koa Nani.



Gina Ferrell

I love all the beautiful pieces of jewelry to choose from for Valentine’s Day.

Paula S.

I really love the Valentina pendant!

Cheryll Powning

What an amazing store! I love everything.

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