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Anchor: A Design With Many Meanings

The anchor is no doubt a symbol with multiple meanings. Since ancient times it has been an ideal figure to represent workers and lovers of the sea like naval soldiers, fishermen, and sailors. These people who spend a long time sailing have created a certain mysticism around this object. One of them is being a talisman of good luck, which helps them return home safe and sound. But also, it is a representation of their stability and the return to the land.

As for the emotional part, the anchor pendant represents an unbreakable thread that unites us with the people we love and holds us to everything for which we feel the passion in life. Our anchor pendant motif will never let you drift. Always with firmness and stability, this object will hold you as it holds the heaviest ship on the high tide seas. You can never end up adrift when you have the anchor of life accompanying you everywhere. Whenever you face adversity, this complement will remind you to stand firm and move forward without fear.

In the romantic arena, a couple sharing anchor pendants seeks to symbolize the strength and attraction they feel for each other. When two people in love commit themselves to a relationship, their greatest intention is that this bond is solid and lasting. The anchor will keep your craft of love close, safe, and eternal.

Couples can combine two items to create a different meaning: the rudder and the anchor. The first one symbolizes the component of the bond that gives direction, while the anchor represents fidelity, durability, and mutual support in the emotional perspective.

An anchor pendant is a great accessory to always feel protected and safe. Calm and stability will come to your life if you have been feeling a little lost. But in case you are going through a moment in your life in which you feel satisfied with yourself and overflowing with joy, this pendant will ensure that you never forget this beautiful moment in which you feel so much positive energy.



Catherine L.

I like how you can combine two items to create a different meaning.

Paula S.

I love the anchor pendant!

Paula S.

So interesting!

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