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Showing Your Affection & Adoration With a Heart

Hearts are inextricably linked to love, passion, adoration, and affection. Whether symbolizing the love of a child, parent, friend, or significant other, hearts are the perfect way to say “I love you”. Jewelry, the go-to gift for all occasions, is a terrific way to give someone a piece of your heart. Wearing a heart adorned item around the neck, wrist, ankle, or on the ears, is a constant reminder of the special and one-of-a-kind feeling that someone has for you. Where, or when, did our understanding of hearts and heart symbolism occur?

The origins of the heart symbol and its curious connection to love remains foggy. The idea that a heart, an organ, is connected to love and intense emotions has been around for over a millennia. We have all experienced the intense pitter-patter deep inside our chests when we see someone or do something we like. It is no wonder that we connected these feelings to the vital organ.

There are examples of poetry from ancient Greece which mention the connection between love and hearts. A poet, Sappho, from the 7th century BC wrote about her mad heart. At this time, however, the typical heart symbol we currently recognize did not exist. Hearts were previously pictured more like a pinecone or pear. The first known image showing a heart symbol that we recognize appeared in 1344. In the following centuries, hearts would adorn artwork, pendants, clothing, and other items and would almost always be connected to the idea of love.

Valentine’s Day is our designated love day and it overflows with hearts. Love it or hate it—I choose to love it—Valentine’s Day provides a perfect opportunity to express your deep affection and appreciation for those most important to you. Island by Koa Nani has several heart-centric gifts that your loved ones will adore.

Some of my favorite heart items are from the Koa Nani Collection. The traditionally inspired Hawaiian hand-engravings on each item are special and add a personalized touch. The Two-Tone Heart Earrings with Scroll Engraving are definitely on my wish list. The mix of yellow and rose gold is charming and unique. Island’s Larimar Melt My Heart Pendant is another favorite of mine because of how adorable it is. The shape of the heart makes it look like it's swooning! You could wear this pendant daily and it will always remind you of that special someone.

Whether you are gifting or receiving, Island’s heart jewelry will represent and encapsulate every special bond you share with someone. Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day, and everyday for that matter, is for anyone and everyone! Friends, family, significant others—everyone. Share the aloha with all your loved ones.



Tonya King

Your jewelry is beautiful!

Tonya King

Your jewelry is beautiful!

Paula S.

I love heart jewelry! That Melt My Heart pendant is so pretty!

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