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Discover Our Whale Jewelry

Island by Koa Nani’s jewelry is more than something you wear, it recreates an emotion, moment, and scene. The whale jewelry is inspired not only by the playful and magnificent creatures, but also their underwater home. Discover our whale jewelry and the story each piece tells.

Some of my favorite items are the Larimar Whale Tail Pendant and Earrings. The ocean-blue larimar gemstones mirror the deep water that whales thrive in. The whale tail shape symbolizes the unique and distinctive tail flukes that each whale has. These items, however, are not simply literal recreations of whales and the ocean, they also tell a unique story. It reminds us of the Corsair Plane Wreck found just a few miles from Hawai’i Kai’s marina. In 1948, a World War II plane flying over Oʿahu crashed into the water. Today, the wreckage looks strikingly similar to a whale’s tail. More about this can be found in our blog The Hidden Gems of Kauaʿi, Oʿahu, and Maui. So you see, Island’s jewelry captures a distant moment in time, a memory of an event. A feeling can also be captured, like with that of the Two-Tone Larimar Humpback Whale Pendant.

Whales are known to be very playful, curious, and compassionate animals. Scientists have noticed that whales will sometimes appear to protect other animals, even humans, from dangers beneath the surface. On their days off from being heroes, they can be found frolicking in the water and putting on a show. Island’s Two-Tone Larimar Humpback Whale Pendant evokes this playful feeling. The whale is jumping out of the ocean-blue larimar gemstone water and over the sun, displayed in gold. This pendant is perfect for anyone who wishes to exude happiness and light!

The most amazing aspect of Island’s whale jewelry is its fluid meaning. You have the power to attach any emotion, moment, or memory to each piece! After all, jewelry is a type of art, and it can represent a myriad of things. Create your own story with Island’s whale jewelry by getting your favorite piece.



Michelle Smith

this is a cute set

Paula S.

The whale jewelry is so beautiful!

Barbara Barron



I especially Love the whale jewelry…But it is all beautiful!


Really interesting post!

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