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The Deep Meanings Behind our Favorite Flower Designs


The Naupaka flower and its legend relate the existence of only two varieties of this flower: Naupaka Kahakai, which blooms near the ocean, and Naupaka Kuahiwi, which blooms in the mountains. Each has what appears to be half a flower, and when placed united, they form a perfect one. The design of this flower is inspired by the love story of Kaui and Princess Naupaka, a young couple that was unfairly separated by Pele, goddess of the volcanoes and sister of Princess Naupaka. Both Naupaka flowers bloom separately as half flowers: one close to the ocean and the other one close to the mountains. It is said that lovers can reunite when the flower of the Naupaka Kuahiwi and the Naupaka Kahakai come together after being collected. Check out our Silver Naupaka Flower pendant.


Of Greek origin, the origin of the hibiscus flower is related to Isis, the goddess of fertility and beauty. Both Roman and Greek cultures have adopted the hibiscus flower as a representative symbol. According to the legend, the goddess Isis and resurrection’s god Osiris created Horus: the god of the skies who can see it all. The hibiscus design by Island is inspired by female divinity and represents femininity. It is currently a symbol of Hawaii and is used in many cultural celebrations. Get our 14K White Gold Hibiscus earrings!


Pikake flower is a species of tropical flower that belongs to the jasmine family. They are usually used to create lei necklaces as a welcome gesture and in the representation of the Hawaiian islands. They are often worn by brides, hula dancers, and honored guests. The origin of its name is related to the word "peacock" thanks to princess Kaiulani who loved these animals and decided to name them in their honor. This is why pikake translates to 'peacock'. The design of pikake by Island is inspired by the lightness, brightness, and gentleness of Princess Kaiulani. You can get this flower by getting our Silver Larimar Pikake pendant.


Due to its ability to bloom leaves and flowers even after being pulled out of the ground, plumeria is an immortality symbol of Buddhist culture. Although this flower was introduced by a botanist in 1960, the plumeria is one of the flowers that most represents the power of Hawaiian culture. In the past, only royals could wear these bright pink or creamy yellow flowers of unmistakable smell. Island by Koa Nani’s design is inspired by resilience, romance, and love of Hawaiian cultural traditions. Fall in love with our regal Silver Opalite Plumeria Bracelet.


He ‘a‘ali’ i ku makani mai au; “A‘ohe makani nana e kula‘i. This Hawaiian quote means “I am an “A‘ali‘i resting in the wind; no gale can push me.” This flower is useful medicinally and also to create leis. Island's inspiration to create this design is strongly associated with emotional strength and the ability to overcome difficulties with determination. The 'A'ali'i can withstand the worst of hurricanes, twisting and bending, but never falling or breaking. Be the ‘A‘ali‘i of your life by wearing the Silver Pua Ali’i ring.


The orchid design made by Island by Koa Nani is inspired by romance and love potions, as orchids are used as an exceptional ingredient. According to an ancient indigenous story, one of the goddesses of a tribe was one day walking through the forest sheltered with a very precious coat. Suddenly the goddess disappeared, and the cloak fell to the ground turning into a spectacular flower, the orchid. From that moment, bouquets of orchids were offered to the goddesses as a sign of gratitude. Today, giving an orchid has a meaning of beauty and a demonstration of appreciation and admiration. Never separate from your orchid by buying our 14K White Gold Orchid earrings.


The sunflower symbolizes love and admiration, but also happiness, vitality, positivity, and energy. For some religions, it is a symbol of “one who seeks the divine”. The Island by Koa Nani design represents the sun and love. What is similar to our personality attracts us, so those who love sunflowers are connected with universal love and powerful Sun energy. Our Silver Pavé Larimar Sunflower pendant will make you feel shiny wherever you go.


Gardenia flowers are a perfect demonstration of how a flower can captivate who receives one as a gift. Through its charms, they are endowed with a deep and sweet aroma. Their delicate white color causes more than a sensation of pleasure to those who wear them. Island by Koa Nani's gardenia design is inspired by purity and sweetness. The smell of a gardenia brings peace and comfort to whoever smells one. Keep a gardenia with you wherever you go by getting our Silver Tiare Gardenia bracelet.



Paula S.

I love the Plumerias. One of my very favorite flowers. They smell so heavenly!

Pamela Arbour


Susan Marina Brown Lane

I Love this page! I Love to see the meaning behind the pieces. Thank you So Much!

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