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Sun Shopping Guide

The sun is a design that never goes out of style. The brightest star in our solar system invites us to connect with our inner strength and have the energy to illuminate our life. Fortunately, Island by Koa Nani has the most creative and sophisticated designs inspired by this delicate motif.

If you love the sun as we do, continue reading and see the top five designs that Island by Koa Nani created especially for you:

925 Sterling Silver Opalite Sun Ring

This ring is unique because it combines the sSun with opalite, a stone that looks like a portal to other galaxies. This ring will give you the strength and open-mindedness to connect with your inner self and the world around you.

925 Sterling Silver Larimar Sun Earrings

This design is one of my favorites because it is a pure sun, a golden sun. When combined with the larimar stone, it connects you with your deepest thoughts, but at the same time, it can bring you calm and serenity. The ideal design is to enter a state of meditation and balance.

925 Sterling Silver Opalite Sun Pendant

As an alternative to the ring design, this beautiful opalite sun can touch your chest and make you feel part of the whole world. The sSun is the center of our life, what gives us purpose and direction. Always carry your blue opalite sun close to you to not get lost.

925 Sterling Silver Larimar Sun Bracelet

For lovers of silver, this is a sun that can be worn every day no matter what the occasion. The larimar stone combined with silver makes it a fine piece that adds elegance and subtlety to any outfit you decide to wear.

925 Sterling Silver Pavé Opalite Sleek Bangle

Lastly, my favorite. The opalite design combined with silver fascinates me, but the opalite pavé seems like a dream. When I saw this design, I really believed that I could see the entire universe through a bangle. I love the sparkles, the blue tones, and the galactic aspect. Wearing it is like having a little piece of the galaxy with you wherever you go.


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Shellie Clark

love these!

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