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How to Style
Valentine's Jewelry

There are many ways to love and be loved, but Valentine's Day is not like any other day. February 14th of each year is the calendar time when we celebrate love and are grateful for our significant others. Island by Koa Nani created these six different looks for you to embrace love during this memorable day. Enjoy a romantic date, dinner, joyful night with friends, or simply surprise your partner with an adorable piece of our jewelry! Keep reading and check out all the lovely designs that will make you feel extra special this year!

1. Nightlife

Nightlife is about going out with friends or with your partner to your favorite bar while enjoying some delicious drinks or a seductive glass of red wine. Love is the principal seasoning of this plan, where you will enjoy a casual, but fun outing. For this outfit, you cannot miss the 14K Two-Tone Gold Heart Earrings with scroll engraving, which, combined with a black dress and matching shoes, will make you feel like the most elegant person of the night.

2. Romantic Dinner

What better plan than going out to eat your favorite dish with your meaningful person? The chosen one for this sophisticated date is the 14K Yellow Gold Two Sides of One Heart Bracelet With Diamond. The main reason why I chose this piece is that when using cutlery, your wrist will definitely be noticed. You can combine it with dark blue jeans, a white shirt with ruffles, and black shoes. For the hair, a natural bun and casual style will give the final touch for that special dinner you've been waiting for!

3. Beach Day

The beach is always a meeting point and the best plan when living in paradise. If you enjoy the sun, the ocean, and the outdoors, perhaps this might be the ideal plan for you. Fill your mini-fridge with drinks and favorite snacks, pick up that person who makes you feel butterflies in your stomach, and drive to the beach. Wear a nude-tone bikini, cream pareo, slippers, and a hat. Don't forget the final and essential detail: our 925 Sterling Silver Larimar Ku'uipo Heart Pendant, ideal for the beach.

4. Sunny Picnic

Another possibility is that you have planned a picnic to enjoy the most delicious delicacies, an incredible view, and your favorite music until the sun goes down. The perfect outfit for this magic date is a baby pink blouse, beige shorts, and sneakers. Don't omit the most important: accessories! The green tone of our 14K Yellow Gold Heart will highlight your eyes and the most flattering features of your face.

5. Hike Date

For lovers of nature and adventure, your ideal Valentine's Day plan may be to go explore that waterfall you've been wanting to visit for so long, or climb a secret mountain to observe the native birds and flowers. The best thing for this plan is a comfortable outfit that makes you feel cute, but allows you to enjoy your walk. Our Koa Wood Titanium Ring is the perfect accessory for this occasion. Both you and your partner can use them and wear matching rings for Valentine's Day! The clothing designed for this day is hiking shoes, your favorite leggings, a comfortable and cool shirt, and don't forget your backpack and bottle of water!

6. Sunset Cocktail

Sunset is one of the most special and magical moments of the day. Sitting near the sea, with live music that you like, your favorite cocktail and watching the sun go down slowly is a mega romantic plan. If this is your favorite idea for Valentine's Day, you should wear a pink strappy dress and your favorite sandals. As an accessory you can use a clutch and of course our 14K Multi-Tone Gold Ku'uipo Tri-color Heart Ring that radiates the spirit of Valentine's Day with authenticity and delicacy.


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