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Cyber Monday Guide

This Cyber Monday we are releasing an exclusive collection that is not regularly available on our website. These pieces are priced just for Cyber Monday and we hope you find something you'll love! Here's our top picks:

1.Pave wave earrings - $56

These wave earrings are so cute they're the perfect gift for all ocean lovers out there! They're simple enough to add to any look but bring just enough sparkle to make it special. 

2.Tricolor circle of dolphins pendant - $60

This is one of our favorites in the Cyber Monday collection because it's the only piece that is colorful! This 14K vermeil design features our dolphin of circles motif which represents strength and unity. 

3.Petite starfish ring - $48

This ring is a fan favorite! We know you just can't get enough of this ring, which is why we have included it in our Cyber Monday collection. 

4.Nai'a lei earrings - $36

Need a gift for someone younger? We recommend the Nai'a lei design! This dolphin wearing a lei is nothing but adorable! 

5.Larimar azul teardrop earrings - $60

Yes, we have included Larimar in our Cyber Monday collection! These tiny earrings bring a pop of blue to your outfit and are seriously affordable for this Cyber Monday special! 

6.Orchid pendant - $51

We do offer this pendant on our website but in 14K gold. For Cyber Monday, we made a special sterling silver pendant at a dangerously affordable price! We love this design and we hope you will too!

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