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Holiday Gift Guide

It’s once again the time of year when we all get a little introspective and take a break to think about all the people we love. It is also a time to think about how much our loved ones mean to us and their role in our lives. When it comes to the holidays, we all like to surprise our loved ones and show how much we love them with gifts that get it just right. Keep reading to learn about our ingenious gifting ideas to help you find something unique for the people who mean the most to you!

For my best friend

My best friend is basically my other half. No matter how far apart we may be, I always feel her with me and I keep her present in my thoughts. This bangle is perfect because it is an opalite shell, and that is her birth stone. In turn, the silver material adds to the delicateness of the piece and make it so much more than just another piece of jewelry. If your best friend is anything like mine, she will love this bangle!

For my grandma

Sea turtles, or honu, represent wisdom and longevity. They are one of the aumakua in Hawaiian culture which is a deified ancestor that is said to watch over you. My greatest wish is that my grandmother lives as many years as a honu so that she could be eternal. She always gives me the best advice because she has gained many years of knowledge and wisdom. The larimar in this piece is essential because each larimar is a rare and unique beauty. 

For my dad

Since I was a child, I observed my father always wearing a ring with a green gemstone. When I asked him about the ring, he told me that it was very special to him because it was the ring that his grandfather had given him before he passed away. I would like to present this ring to my father and surprise him with a uniquely blue Larimar stone. Who knows? Maybe in the future, this ring will be the one he gives to his grandson. 

For my mom

My mom is the light of my life. She is the person I turn to in both good and bad situations. She is always there to help me and is the beacon of my light that always guides me. The opalite lighthouse pendant represents exactly what my mother means to me: light and direction. She would be captivated by the opalite gemstone and probably end up wearing this piece everyday. 

For my spouse 

My life partner is the reason why I achieve many positive goals in my life. We like to plan fun things for our future and our strong bonds encourage us to live through new adventures and experiences together. I love this ring because of the heart detailing. The three colors of 14k gold give this ring liveliness and make it something different than I’ve ever seen anywhere else! I think that as a way to top it off, I would ask Island by Koa Nani for customization to engrave our names on the inside and make it even more special.

For my military friend

Many people enlist in the military with the dream of traveling the world and achieving their professional goals. My friend Sabrina always dreamed of joining the Airforce and learning how to fly airplanes to travel the world. This pendant is ideal for my friend because the bird of paradise represents those far off places she always dreamed of traveling to. And this pendant would remind her that I will always support her dreams.

For my deployed friend

Whales migrate across the ocean every year. While they must go across the planet to find better resources, they always return back home. For my friend who was deployed, I would give her these beautiful gold whale tail earrings. I'm sure she will remember that no matter how far away she goes, we will always meet on Oahu once again when her duty away from home is over.

For my coworker

My coworker is someone I spend a lot of time with every day. As much as we do not share much on a personal level, she is someone I appreciate and who helps me in my professional development. This Nai'a pendant would be the perfect way to show my appreciation to her. Maybe giving her something so cute can make us form a friendship outside the work environment, just as dolphins are friends and help each other in the wild

For my boss

My boss is a very special person in my life and a professional mentor. He teaches me how to grow and develop, not only in the workplace, but also academically and as a human being. He is a person who trusts me when it comes to my knowledge and skills and always encourages me to improve. I believe that this Koa Wood Titanium ring can show him that I appreciate him, while still maintaining the formality of our relationship.

For my neighbor 

My neighbor is a person who always helps me no matter what. When I go on a trip, he makes sure my cat and home are safe. We always share beautiful moments with him, like watching soccer games, eating together on Thanksgiving, or getting together to play cards and have wine. His passion is surfing, so I'm sure this surfboard is the one for him!

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