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Do It Like a Wahine: Mrs. Hickam Field, Kat

In Hawaiian, the word Wahine means woman. The Do it like a Wahine blog was inspired by women, for women. In this section, we give women a platform to share their stories and artistry.

By fostering stories, we gain respect and understanding of where people come from, which expands our thinking and insights in our own perspectives. Our mission is to highlight women from all around the world to support their journey, empower others and honor them with exquisite island jewelry.

Jet engine mechanic, mother, and active duty Air Force service member, Kat is a powerful force in her community and country. We are excited to introduce you to Kat, AKA Mrs. Hickam Field, a contestant in the upcoming MRS. HAWAII pageant. Through her pageant platform, she hopes to show that military women aren't only rough and rugged, but also still very much in tune with their feminine beauty and powerful beauty queen energy!

Her favorite jewelry is our golden Aloha Plumeria which symbolizes the island’s warm hospitality and aloha spirit. Promoting positivity and happiness, plumeria flowers are commonly used in leis to celebrate special occasions.

So far, what has your experience been with participating and preparing for the upcoming Pagent? Were you at all nervous about competing against so many other women?

Kat: After watching my sister compete in different pageants on the mainland growing up, I was nervous that it might be catty or cliquey; but honestly it is more of a supportive and empowering group of women who support and uplift each other continually. I am grateful for the sisterhood that comes from this pageant how diverse and beautiful we all are, and how much Aloha is here even in a competition. Everyone is welcoming and loving - sisterhood warm passionate inspiring and uplifting as well as bringing in that diversity! It’s a really beautiful thing.

Is this your first pageant and what do you do to prepare for an event like this?

Kat: So many rehearsals! In-person rehearsals every weekend. I thought I knew how to walk because I walk every day- but you have a swimsuit walk and an interview walk an evening gown walk, what to do with our smiles what to do with our hands, because I have a habit of talking with my hands and it's hard to not do that- it takes a lot of training, patience, and practice.

This is my first pageant, but I have watched my sister compete in many pageants and I spent a lot of time on stage but I am nervous about wearing 6-inch heels! Remember to take a deep breath, and just go for it! The worst that can happen is I fall on my face.

Can you tell me about your outfits or is it a surprise?

Kat: I have a superstition about sharing what I’m wearing, but I will say that since I'm a natural redhead, and I live on this beautiful island I have a little mermaid kind of theme and vibe going on in my color scheme, so just think very mermaid vibes!

How can people support you during this competition?

Kat: The People Choice awards are open and it is the best way you can help support me or anyone else competing, it is $1 per vote @peopleschoicevoting on Venmo, and put the name of the candidate and their title~ if you want to vote for me which I hope you do, you can just put in the comments "Mrs. Hickam Field" and my first and last name ‘Katherine Cloos-Hazzard’ and you can follow the journey on my Instagram page @mrshickamfield.

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