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Do It Like a Wahine: Tennis Aficionado, Rosalie Undayag

In this section, empowered women from around the world show us how they work to achieve their dreams and what it means to be a woman in today’s society.

Rosalie, 62, is a proud grandmother living in California. She is an avid tennis player and loves to frequent the beaches near Waikiki when she travels to Hawaii to visit her son. She was designated as wahine of the week because of her ambitious spirit to try new things and because of her dedication to her family. Read on to find out more about this magnificent wahine!

Where are you from and what’s your favorite part about living there?

Rosalie: I’m from Fontana which is near Los Angeles. My favorite thing is the Victoria Garden. It’s an outdoor community garden that has an open concept where you can walk around and take in the environment and beautiful surroundings. I love going there to take in the fresh air.

What motivated you to start playing tennis?

Rosalie: I’ve been playing tennis for 11 years. Originally, I just wanted to find a fun way to exercise and tennis seemed to be a great fit. Playing tennis promotes a healthy body and sound mind. Particularly I feel that it’s great for hand eye coordination, but also just makes me feel good for the rest of the day.

Who do you usually play tennis with?

Rosalie: Normally I play with my husband. We go as much as five days of the week. I really like how everyone that comes out to play is so friendly and you can feel the sense of community out on the courts. Win or lose, everyone is happy.

What skills do you use in your everyday life that you learned from this sport?

Rosalie: I’ve learned from tennis how to be more patient and that not everything can be learned in a day. Some of the skills in tennis take a lot of repetition and practice to get good. Also, persistence- I’ve learned not to give up so easily but to keep trying until I get it.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start playing a sport?

Rosalie: Be patient. Without patience you’ll give up easily and miss out on possibly something that could have really brightened up your life. You have to love the sport you play and take it one game at a time. If I could tell my younger self one thing, it would be to start playing early! I wish I had discovered my love for the sport sooner.

Of course, I go into every game wanting to win. I try to push myself and practice everyday. In my free time I watch a lot of games and try to learn different techniques in order to become a better player.

Other than tennis, what is the most important thing to you?

Rosalie: Family means everything to me. I have 5 grandchildren now and there is nothing better than being a part of raising them and watching them grow up. I remember when each of them was born and that will always be a special moment for me. More than anything, I wish to instill in them to be faithful, kind, and respectful to others. My hope is that they will continue their lives being just as family oriented.

What else do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Rosalie: I love going checking out botanical gardens whenever I get the chance to. I also love going to the beach when I’m visiting Hawaii. Other than that, in my downtime I love watching Korean dramas and Bollywood movies!

What is your favorite place in Hawaii and why?

Rosalie: My favorite place on Oahu has to be Kapiolani Beach Park! It’s very peaceful yet it gives you a sense of happiness all around you watching groups of people gather and having fun. They also have tennis courts nearby which is great!

Which is your favorite piece about Island by Koa Nani and why?

Rosalie: My favorite piece is the Larimar Centered Cross Pendant. I like it because to me it represents my faith and my personal connection to God. I like the blue gemstone, Larimar, because it reminds me of the sky and ocean.


Julie Nelson

Tennis is like a drug, can’t get enough of it.

Peggy Sue Greco

It was fun reading this.

Kelly M.

Larimar is one of my favorites, too. The blue color variations remind me of clouds.

Julie Nelson

I feel Lucky


lovely – it’s nice tha a non resident can be a wahine too

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