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Do It Like a Wahine:
Community Leader & Coffee Shop Manager, Madison Beardsley

In this section, empowered women from around the world show us how they work to achieve their dreams and what it means to be a woman in today’s society.

Wearing her usual cute glasses accompanied by a warm and sweet look on her face, Madison Beardsley spreads kindness wherever she goes. While replying to my questions, she travels mentally to the past and remembers happy memories from her childhood on the east coast. She comments how much she likes Island by Koa Nani’s sand dollar designs because she used to visit the beach to collect them at Fire Island, when she was a little girl. Originally from Long Island, New York, today she is a woman committed to preserving Hawaiian culture and the work impact that large corporations have on the lives of women within indigenous communities. She began her career as a barista and has worked hard to achieve her dreams.

Nowadays, she is one of the Co-Chairs of the Hawai’i Chapter of Women’s Impact Network and the Communication Lead for the Oceania Chapter of the Indigenous Partner Network of a coffee company. When Madison speaks, you enjoy her warm and kind energy that matches her soft voice. Read Madison's story and discover what the day-to-day life of this visionary woman is all about.

How do you practice self-care?

Madison: For me, self-care is all about slowing down and allowing myself to enjoy the little moments of life. Generally, this looks like going to the beach, taking my puppies, Rose and Lily, on a walk, going to the farmers market, reading a book, or just cruising around the beautiful island of Oahu.

What does your average day-off look like?

Madison: On my days off I try to catch up on some sleep since I generally work starts super early in the morning. Aside from resting, I enjoy going to the beach, visiting my local botanical garden, hanging out with my puppies, and baking or cooking new recipes.

When did you start working as a barista? What do you do as a store manager? And what are your future career goals?

Madison: I started working as a barista when I was a college student because one of my friends worked at a store near us and always talked about how much fun it was. I stayed because of the culture and diversity that the brand cultivates and the impact we have on our local communities. The company cares about the active members of our communities, whether that be through community service events, donation drives, or neighborhood grants. It’s amazing to be a part of an organization that truly cares about its partners (employees) and communities. As a store manager, I am responsible for everything from hiring, training, scheduling, community outreach, partner relations, sales and inventory. I’m in charge of anything that goes into the logistics of running the store on a day-to-day basis.

In the future, I hope to continue to play a key role as a community activist. I am currently one of the Co-Chairs for the Hawai’i Chapter of Women’s Impact Network and the Communication Lead for the Oceania Chapter of the Indigenous Partner Network. Partner networks are an amazing outlet for partners to learn, grow, and play an influential part in the communities we are a part of. Outside of that, I hope to develop outside of the Store Manager role into either a DM position or within a corporate role focusing on the environmental impact or the partner experience.

What advice would you give to yourself when you were younger?

Madison: The biggest advice I would give myself, or any young adult, is to focus on the positive. The world is an ever-changing place; things often won’t always go to plan, and that is okay! Make the most of the day and stay consistent on whatever your goals are. Through consistency and perseverance, anything is possible.

What is your favorite jewelry from Island by Koa Nani?

Madison: My favorite jewelry from Koa Nani would be the Sand Dollar Hook Earrings. I love these because they remind me of my childhood growing up on Long Island, New York, and going to Fire Island and finding sand dollars and other sea creatures.

Get to know her more @madisonbeardsley.


Kelly M.

Madison’s commitment to her local community is very admirable.


What a busy young woman. Busy at work, busy with community committees – yet still has some me time. sounds like a person I would like to know.

Flora M

It’s great to hear about how happy memories can be triggered by something as simple (and elegant) as a pair of earrings.
The pace of life in Hawaii is so much better for being able to appreciate the little things in life.

Nicole Flynn

So inspiring. I have the same enjoyment in little moments as she does. It’s important to me to care for the precious moments as one day they won’t be able to be replicated. Such as losing a loved one. Those are rhe most precious to me of all. The special shared moments with a loved one where all worries are far away and there’s just a peace in the air.

Paula S.

Great article

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