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Do It Like a Wahine:
Artist, Tungi

In this section, empowered women from around the world show us how they work to achieve their dreams and what it means to be a woman in today’s society.

On a Friday morning, I drove across the island to meet Tungi, a local artist from Hawaii, who has been painting her whole life. The talented lady invited me to her beautiful studio in Kailua to show me some of her old and new art pieces. I must admit that I am a big fan of her art and creations. Tungi's paintings always caught my attention because of the notorious Hawaiian cultural influence that she shows uniquely. During her interview, I noticed a strong passion for art in her eyes that I will never forget. 

Tungi is currently working on a new oil painting inspired by Hawaiian culture and the lovely tones of the island sunsets. If you want to explore her world as I did, don't miss this lovely interview!

Are you originally from Hawaii?

Tungi: I was born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii. I’m definitely an island girl, and even though I’ve lived here my whole life I still feel so lucky that I live here.

How did your passion for painting begin?

Tungi: Ever since I was little I loved drawing. I would always be drawing quietly by myself while the other kids played and I never really stopped. As I got older I took it a little more seriously, and enjoyed seeing my skills improve. Drawing and painting are definitely my happy place.

What is your art inspired by?

Tungi: My art is inspired by life on the islands, vintage Hawaiian travel posters, 19th century post-impressionist paintings, and the feelings I get when immersed in nature.

How is Hawaiian culture represented in your art?

Tungi: The grace and strength of Hawaiian women is present in a lot of my works. I like the image of that.

And I believe Hawaiians know a lot about balance in life and about times of work and times to chill and play. I usually focus on the chill and play in my work.

What is your typical day-off like?

Tungi: Most days off I will go surfing with my husband and family, or just go to the beach if the waves aren’t good. My husband and I are both artists, so other than surfing we spend most of our time in our home art studio working on our different projects and commissions.

What is your favorite item from Island by Koa Nani and why?

Tungi: The Naupaka flower hook earrings because they are very delicate and I love dainty jewelry.

Get to know Tungi more @2ungisland!



beautiful cultural art

Thomas Batanglo

Great idea’s for my daughter’s graduation.

Pamela Chambers

I absolutely love your art….

Paula S.

Beautiful pieces!

Kate Parkin


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