Do It Like a Wahine:
Make Up Artist, Rubi Ru

In this section, empowered women from around the world show us how they work to achieve their dreams and what it means to be a woman in today’s society.

This week’s interview features the talented artist Rubi Ru, who has been doing makeup since she was just 14 years old. Her passion for art has always been present throughout her life. Strongly influenced by her parents, who are also artists, Rubi told me when and how this passion started. She currently lives in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where she has been developing her professional career. 

1. How do you practice self-care?

I practice self-care by doing things that I like, for example, creating things with clay, listening to music, or sleeping without guilt.

2. What does your average day off look like?

I usually go out with my partner. I like to watch series with him. We also go for a walk or go to the beach.

3. How did you get into make-up? How did you continue to do it?

I became a make-up artist because my godfather told me that it was possible to make a career related to what I love doing the most. He helped me understand that I did not have to study something that I did not like. Nowadays, a lot of people study things they don’t like just because they feel they have to. I always liked to do make-up. When I was a child I used to secretly steal my mother's lipsticks and blushes.

4. Which advice would you give to yourself when you were younger?

The advice I would give to my younger self would be: don't spend so much time and effort on people who don't want to improve. It is better to dedicate that time to yourself, as selfish as it sounds.

5. What is your favorite jewelry from our website, and why?

My favorite jewelry from is the Beach Slipper Earrings because I love miniature objects!

 Explore more of Rubi's world at @rubirubiru



  • Irina K

    All the color is so fun!

  • Peggy Hart

    I love how this beautiful jewelry is created by women who take self care seriously!

  • Kelly Donaldson

    I love it when women feel empowered with themselves. I also love love love the magical look of glitter and stuff like that when women include it in their makeup. It’s so magical.

  • Kim S

    Love the butterfly look !

  • Judy Thompson

    Beautiful but i know im to old for this kind of stuff

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