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Do It Like a Wahine:
Surfer, Yuria

In this section, empowered women from around the world show us how they work to achieve their dreams and what it means to be a woman in today’s society.

@rainyjazzpancake, better known as Yuyu, is a strong Japanese woman who loves to surf in Queens, Waikiki. In the talk we had, Yuri told me what surfing and living in Hawai'i means to her. She has lived in Hawaii for more than eight years and says she doesn't miss Japan. Yuri has unconditional love for her three kittens, who are like her children: Simon, Moonie, and Yogi. In her spare time, she learns to tattoo and also likes to draw. Read more to meet this week's wahine.

1. How do you practice self-care?

I do it by going to the ocean. I love relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sun.

2. What does your average day off look like?

On my days off I love to go surfing and I enjoy being at home petting my cats.

3. How did you get into surfing? How did you continue to do it?

Surfing for me is something that I love so much… It is not hard to continue with it at all. I just love doing it.

4. Which advice would you give to yourself when you were younger?

I would tell myself “You are gonna be okay, don’t worry so much”. I didn’t have any confidence in myself and I was so worried about my future for no reason when I was young. So I would like to tell young Yuyu this: “You can just do whatever you want, and just keep swimming. You are going to be ok!”. And also.. I would say to myself “Spend more time studying English!”.

5. Which is your favorite jewelry from our website and why?

I like the Circle of Dolphins Pendant a lot! Looks so cute and I love the mixing of the different colors of gold.

To explore more of Yuyu’s world you can follow her @rainyjazzpancake.


Mercedes Miller

I love this blog and message. #womensupportingwomem

Marlene Rose

You make surfing look so beautyiful!

Theresa Vaughn

I love to see people having a great life in such a beautiful area of the world

Katherine Lam

You make surfing look so free, so strong. Also makes you confident. You go, girl!!!

christine c

What a great way to enjoy life, being outdoors and breating in the ocean air.

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