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Do It Like a Wahine:
Image Consultant, Camila Lanzavecchia

In this section, empowered women from around the world show us how they work to achieve their dreams and what it means to be a woman in today’s society.

Have you ever felt the need to achieve a big dream? Sometimes you might think it’s too hard to succeed. But still, when you go to bed at night, you feel that it was written in the stars; you came to this world to transform your dream into a reality. 

This week we spoke with model and image consultant Camila Lanzavecchia, a girl from the picturesque neighborhood of Palermo. Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it is one of the most important cities for fashion. Camila shared with Island by Koa Nani how she fulfilled her dream of working in the fashion industry and gives a clear message to all of our followers: you deserve to make your dreams come true... Read on and dive into the weekly interview.

1. How do you practice self-care?

“It's kind of funny because my dad is a hairdresser and my mom works in a cosmetic company,” Camila said. “I always grew up surrounded by beautiful things, creams, and hairdressing. I always had it very incorporated as a girl because of my family environment. My inspiration was always to see my mother applying creams, taking care of her skin. On the other hand, I never sunbathe. I think that only one summer of my life I sunbathed. As for food, I don't forbid myself to eat anything. I like to eat everything, and I feel it is good to eat what you enjoy.”

2. What does your average day off look like?

“If I have time, I like to make myself a facial mask,” Camila said. “I love to put on a nice robe and put on creams. I also enjoy spending time with my boyfriend. Even though we live together, we both work a lot. I like spending time with him or my friends. It is also healthy to find time for myself. That is, to find my space to be calm and to be able to rest.”

3. How did you get into fashion? Why have you continued to do it?

“For some reason, I always felt like, from another era,” Camila said. “I was never a modern girl. I was 17 when I began to dress in a very particular way. I started to incorporate this into my style using clothes from other times, like vintage style. I am always fascinated by the fashion of older decades. My life changed one night when I was at a Christmas party, and a random girl stopped me in the girl's restroom. She told me that she loved my style and my look. This girl was starting her modeling career by then, but she wasn't very famous. Three days later, I sent her a DM on Instagram asking if she wanted me to be her fashion stylist, and she said yes. This girl is Stefania Roitman and a Latin American celebrity nowadays. Fashion was always my passion. I continued to find new opportunities through recommendations with different Latin American celebrities. Currently, I work with the designer Laurencio Adot, and I also have my fashion column on a television show.”

4. What advice would you give to yourself when you were younger? 

“That is something that touches me,” Camila said. “I would keep believing in myself. Trust in my dreams and know that when one is destined to do something, when one makes an effort and is a good person, and appreciates opportunities and appreciates everything, dreams come true. It is also important not to forget where you came from, how you started, and how much things cost you. I'm very grateful to whoever helped in this long process I am still going through.  Sometimes you get discouraged because you compare yourself with other people, or you feel that the road is too long or impossible, that everything takes a long time to happen. The important thing is to keep working to achieve your goals and not give up, even when you are feeling discouraged.”

5. What is your favorite jewelry from our website and why?

“My favorite is the Naupaka Flower Pendant,” Camila said. “It is hard to choose a favorite item. Every piece of Island by Koa Nani is beautiful, but when I saw this design, it was love at first sight. I saw the flower, and I felt identified. When something identifies me with my style, I fall madly in love. I love its feminine style and how the flower looks like it is hand-crafted. I am fascinated with the shine, and I find it extremely fine and delicate. I feel like it would fit any woman. It is a piece that gives elegance and detail.”

If you want to know more about Camila Lanzavecchia’s world, you can reach her at @camilanzavecchia. Thank you so much Camila from Island by Koa Nani Team! 



Dana Kebsch

Pendant is Beautiful. Would go nice with a Sun Dress or swimsuit with cover skirt.

DEnise George


Patrick Dunne

love this jeweler

Katherine Lam

Yes, absolutely beauty begins from the inside, and blossoms out to the world when you feel happy, healthy and confident. Thanks for your inspiration.

Melissa Hallmark


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