Do It Like a Wahine:
Animal Rights Activist, Natalia D'amore

In this section, empowered women from around the world show us how they work to achieve their dreams and what it means to be a woman in today’s society.

This week we interviewed the activist for animal rights, artist, and YouTuber Natalia D'amore. During our talk, she told us why she loves the Sea Life collection from Island by Koa Nani, and how her process has been regarding her values ​​and food. Keep reading and find out!

1. How do you practice self-care?

“At first, it was difficult because I had no idea what products I could use that were vegan and cruelty-free,” Natalia said. “After a few years, I was able to replace all my cosmetics, hygiene, and personal care products with conscious alternatives. I use a full skincare routine (day and night) approved by my cosmetologist, who is also involved in activism for non-human animal rights.”

2. What does your average day off look like?

“I rarely have a day off, because as I am an artist, I have almost no weekends off, but when I have the opportunity, I love to get up early and have a good breakfast like those from a movie scene,” Natalia said. “My greatest pleasure on those days that I am free is to cook for the week and make sure that all the day's meals are incredible. If it can be outdoors, I would be more than happy.”

3. How did you get into animal rights activism? How did you continue to do it?

“While vegan activism is for animals, veganism is also the liberation of animals from humans,” Natalia said. “It is the union of all the struggles in one place because we can no longer ask for freedom and rights for some if we still trample on those of others. It means coherence, union, balance, and respect. Since I was a girl, eating meat was a big deal, and I said on several occasions that I did not want to do it. But the moment I decided to stop eating meat forever was after dreaming of a cow that I adopted as a pet. I woke up and understood that the only difference between a cow and my dogs was my perception. My days are constantly involved with activism since animal exploitation abounds and appears in almost all aspects of human life. In addition, it is not difficult for me to relate everything to activism since it is something that I love. Many will say that it is a trend, but empathy is something that we all carry despite keeping it buried for so long.”

4. Which advice would you give to yourself when you were younger?

“I would advise myself to take it easy and try to enjoy the life process as well,” Natalia said.

5. Which is your favorite jewelry from our website and why?

“I love the whole Sea Life Collection!,” Natalia said. ”But my favorite jewel is the Opalite Seaward Honu earrings, and also anything with whales or dolphins. I love them because I think this is the only way and reason they should be out of the water. No animal was born to live in an aquarium, and the only place they belong is in the ocean.”

To explore more of Nato’s world you can follow her @natodamore.


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    We all need to be concerned for animal life, it’s everyone’s future.

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    Thhis was my favorite article. Th4e authir made me believe I could go vegan myself.

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